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The curse of Courtney Perkins

Non Verified story This story is about two ladies named Claire and Jaycee Who have received a doll on their front porch but the door was cursed by their bully, Courtney Perkins
1.8k views In progress

Seven woman in the Peppa Pig world in 2023

Non Verified story A southern girl from North Carolina named Jennifer Wilson is going on a fun little engagement trip to the universe. She has grew up, watching as a child, but she calls everyone by their first names and learns about epilepsy along the way, but she’s …
2.8k views New chapter Everyday
Interactive story

Ms. Betty’s book a bedtime stories

Non Verified story The only character of this story is a lady named Miss Betty, she is the one reading the stories, that’s why I’ve spoken her point of you 
3.5k views 3 1 New chapter Everyday

Vyond island goes to an elementary schoolNo

Non Verified story People from Vyond island are going to be coming to an elementary school
9.0k views 3 New chapter Every 2 days

New Yorker in every entertainment group

Non Verified story The story is about a girl named Larissa, who joins every entertainment group because of how social she is, and she tells everyone who are the New York state coach is
276 views 1 1 New chapter Everyday
Interactive story

Miranda and her daughter go to Vyond Island

Non Verified story A woman named Miranda and her youngest daughter, Chelsea are going to Vyond island from the CM animation videos, you are going to be reading from each character’s point of view, everyone is going to be introduced as Mrs. or Mr. to Chelsea because sh…
354 views 1 1 New chapter Everyday
Interactive story

Cat and rRat

Non Verified story This story is about two best friends, name, cat and rat
2.3k views 1 Story completed

A mother who doesn’t like to be called Mom

Non Verified story This story is about a mother who won’t let Teresa call her mom instead, Teresa has to call her Ms. Carol
3.1k views New chapter Everyday

Book of multiplication for third and fourth graders

Non Verified story This story is the whole 30 and fourth graders with Barrett triplication and division
8.1k views 1 1 In progress

Cassandra the killer

Non Verified story This story is about a girl named Cassandra who went totally insane
2.6k views New chapter Everyday
Blog Story

The ultimate deadly virus

Non Verified story This story is about my favorite yeah scenario that I watch I scary star studios animations which is called EAS scenario 10 the ultimate deadly virus which I made a scary story about the ultimate deadly virus being controlled by a demonic queen who u…
3.9k views New chapter Every 30 days

Madison versus the dark force

Non Verified story Madison, and Alyssa are trying to fight lady dark force, so that way school can start again
2.5k views New chapter Every Tuesday

The vampire of Chinese new year

Non Verified story This story is about a vampire who went to Chinese new year because she wanted to suck some blood but instead died because of eating Chinese food
1.3k views New chapter Everyday

My beauty blog

Non Verified story This blog is about how I do my make up and tips and tricks, I will be posting today about my tips and tricks for people that are vision impaired just like I am
2.1k views New chapter Every Sunday
Blog Story

Cute and cool Carly‘s story

Non Verified story Looks like it’s Carly‘s first year at fashion hi, everyone give her a welcome
6.3k views 6 Story completed

Poems of darkness

Non Verified story Looks like this poem is a bunch of poems crammed together to form a book of poems
1.0k views 1 New chapter Everyday

Mary the mouse and Bianka the bear make friends all over the population of animals on earth

Non Verified story Looks like Mary and Bianka we’re making friends with other animals in the woods and even beyond
1.4k views 1 2 Story completed

Learn how to memorize the ABC’s with ease for preschoolers

Non Verified story This is supposed to help preschoolers memorize their ABC’s
1.8k views In progress

Killer Katie

Non Verified story This is an urban legend about a girl named Katie who kills anyone that is mean or a bully by eating their upper body and turning that bully into a demon
1.8k views Story completed

The light that shines within the dark

Non Verified story This story is the poem which is meant to be read by everyone around me
1.6k views In progress

Addition and subtraction books for kids

Non Verified story This is supposed to help little kids understand their addition and subtraction better
2.6k views In progress

Words that you should use

Non Verified story This is not a story whatsoever but it does give you information it’s like a dictionary but it has a little activity at the end that people can complete because it has to vocabulary words that are in it that would tell you the meaning and like an exc…
1.1k views Story completed

Horror movie high School

Non Verified story This story is about all of the daughters I’ve driven front horror movie villains going to the same school together and you find your self with the Halloween queen or Michaela Myers who helps you escape her own dad
2.0k views Story completed

Book of rhymes site words and vowels for kids

Non Verified story This story is to help kids in kindergarten, first, second grade, and older kids that are in middle school and high school that are in special ed classes
2.5k views In progress

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