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For Maria

so, this one's for Maria... entao, este e pra Maria...
277 views Story completed

North world

he happened to be born in this strangely frozen place... por acaso ele nasceu neste lugar estranhamente congelado...
326 views Story completed

Fire girl

he is entranced by her burning hair... ele esta pegado em transe por seu cabelo ardente...
485 views Story completed

Creature Love

the creature comes from the wild, she has him in a spell... a criatura vem da selva, ela o tem colocado num feitico...
750 views Story completed


a deep fear of illness and the struggle between good and evil in himself... um medo profundo de doenca e o combate entre o bom e o mau dentro de si...
880 views 1 Story completed


He holds onto an escaping love... Ele segura em um amor fugitivo...
910 views Story completed

Creator of Man

The creator of man is betrayed by his own O criador dos homens esta traido por seus proprios
1006 views Story completed

Cool Stuff about the United States

A new post digging in about the things that make the United States unique. Some information left out of history books and some heads up for the country's future...
2735 views Story completed
Blog Story

Stuff about Mexico

A look at some stand-out facts about Mexico, informing about some of the more interesting features and history of this complicated and beautiful place.
3140 views 119 Story completed
Blog Story

Stuff about Canada (p. 2)

The second part of Stuff about: Canada. A continued look at what makes Canada a unique and interesting place, bringing information that may not be so well-known.
3263 views 119 Story completed
Blog Story

Stuff about Canada (p. 1)

A continuation of the Stuff series. Here is the first of two parts about Canada, to spark interest and inform about places around the world.
3304 views 119 Story completed
Blog Story

Stuff about: Iceland

The first in a series of blog posts whose goal is to spark interest and shed light on places all around our amazing world, geared toward today's readers. First stop: Iceland!
3169 views 119 Story completed
Blog Story

Part of Me

you're half of who I am, if I could tell you what's on my mind...
3697 views 119 Story completed


now it's just a memory...
3596 views 119 1 Story completed

Vixi Maria!

A foreigner's experience for the first time in a confusing new land with a curious fruit
3565 views 119 Story completed

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