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I am Tamirat Tesfaye. I appreciate people who wrote a story http://dailytamirat.wordpress.com. Jinka, Ethiopia.
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Abiy Ahmed

Non Verified story Egypt is using its ultimate potential to destabilize our country. Pickers (scavengers) of Egypt and the TPLF are also working to destabilize our country. Shame on those who run to discredit the country’s sovereignty. The great Prime Minister of o...
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የሕወሓት ጁንታ

Non Verified story ከሕወሓት በላይ የትግራይ ህዝብ ጠላት አለ?🙄 👉የትግራይን ህዝብ በሀሰት ፕሮፓጋንዳ ከአማራ፣ ከአፋር፣ ከኤርትራ እና ከጅቡቲ ወገኖቹ ጋር አጋጭቶ በዙሪያው ያሉትን ሁሉ ለያየ።🙄 👉በሥሙ ከደደቢት በረሃ ጀምሮ ስነግድና ስዘርፍ ቆይቶ አሁንም በልጆቹ ይዋጋል። ንጹህ የመጠጥ ውሃ እንኳን ማጠጣት ሳይችል የትግራይ እናቶች ልጆቻቸውን ለጦርነት እንድሰጡ ያስገድዳል።🙄 👉በዚህ ጦርነት እንኳን ከ...
2.5k views Story completed

ወቸው ጉድ!

Non Verified story ወቸው ጉድ! እያልኩ እተርካለሁ። ከእያንዳንዱ ጀርባ ድብቅ ሴራ አለ።
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