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I'd say I'm a person who likes to write what it has in mind and I hope people enjoy what I write because I'd be very glad. Costa Rica.
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My Stories

No name

The fate will bring upon these people nothing but sadness, sorrow and regrets and they will have to put up with that unless they change it. New chapter Every 30 days

Homeless' wish

just a little story

El Hotel

Cuando las personas cometes algunos crímenes, siempre habrá alguien o algo que se hará cargo de castigarlos. New chapter Every 10 days

La Lluvia

Después de que un aguacero el mundo conocerá lo que es el terror. In progress


After a rain, the world will find out the real horror. New chapter Every Saturday


John keeps having dreadful nightmares, however, his nightmares are not the only things he deals with. New chapter Every 10 days

Warrior's Tale

The story of an unknown warrior in the edge of death

The Legendary Dragon

The story of Simon a boy who tries to reach his wish. New chapter Every 10 days


La historia de un hombre que nunca se ha enamorado hasta que la conoce a ella. New chapter Every 10 days

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