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TTT Barnsley, United Kingdom.
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My Stories

Dead unfaithful

Non Verified story The affects of what cheating can cause and aftermath of deceit.... Who's to blame???
5.7k views In progress


Non Verified story Life
117 views Story completed

flirting with the cutlery

Non Verified story I self harmed for many years this is kind of my thoughts of how I felt at my darkest Hours
496 views Story completed

TTT (Twinless Twin Talk)

Non Verified story It's in working progress the first page is kind of my introduction
2.5k views In progress

Who am I now

Non Verified story Finding you're self
1.2k views Story completed

Just so bored

Non Verified story Just so bored
1.8k views Story completed


Non Verified story Twinless twins talk talk talk you're not alone
1.9k views Story completed


Non Verified story A poem my twin sister wrote for me
2.3k views Story completed

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