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A writer and English teacher from Canada. Canada.
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A Crown of Blood

Non Verified story War has come to Erithor. A once mighty kingdom, it struggles to survive under the rule of a harsh king. Desperate to escape a wedding she does not want, Armaila Farland finds herself in the company of a mysterious stranger: a fairy carrying a dark...
661 views 1 New chapter Every Friday

Almost Human

Non Verified story Vampires plunged the world into darkness. A genetic marvel, they were a powerful weapon designed to tear apart enemy soldiers and end war. Instead they ravaged the world, leaving few alive in their wake. Sixteen-year-old Emma Stewart hated vampir...
793 views New chapter Every 15 days

Two Kinds of Men

Non Verified story There are two kinds of men in this world. Those you fear, and those you admire. A child raised without his mother escapes from his abusive father, but when an accident leaves him on death's door, he must rely on the man he hates for survival. A ...
347 views Story completed

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