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Im a Creator who writes Comics & Chronicles. I do not write Novel’s, as my Chronicles are in my own record style. I also don’t compromise my stories for others. I write what I feel would be entertaining to me. United States.
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A short Chronicle of Grand Sages, Heralds, & Dimensions! A Seraph Cell is discovered by a Herald of Darkness who attempts to corrupt it. A Herald of Light attempts to take it as well, causing Grand Sages to be dispatched to protect it. To see th...
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Chronicles of the Labyrinth

The Chronicles of the Labyrinth is a project intended to be a collection of many stories from The World Forge. A majority of these stories will be one shots but there will be some that will consist of sets. I write in my own style I call Record St...
9.3k views 3 New chapter Every 15 days

Cryptic Athenaeum

This is a Chronicle collection of records and stories about the Cryptic Apocrypha verse. These are not Novels, but are instead Informatives about the inner workings of my verse. They will and are intended to contain info dumps while also presentin...
8.8k views 2 New chapter Every 15 days

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