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My Stories

Fire Weather

By Brady Hammes New chapter Every Tuesday

86 ways to cross one desert

by Alexander Lumans In progress

Everyone loves a person who doesn't give a fuck

by laura jane faulds New chapter Every Wednesday

Djeser Djeseru (Splendor of Splendors)

by paula younger New chapter Every Thursday

Can a Corn

By Jess Walter


By Mesha Maren New chapter Every Thursday

Birthright City

by Eliezra Schaffzin New chapter Every Wednesday

The beginning of the Summation of our dead

by blake butler New chapter Every Wednesday

Before the trip

By Adetokunbo Abiola


By Adam Wilson

Barnacles of the fuzz

By D.Foy New chapter Every Tuesday

The Star-Child

By Oscar Wilde

The Nightingale and the rose

By Oscar Wilde New chapter Every Tuesday

The Young King

By Oscar Wilde

The anarchist of Darwin

by michael ramberg In progress

Another terrible thing

By Catherine Laccy

The White People

By Arthur Machen


By George Oliver Smith


Short story by Ben Greenman

The Mortal Immortal

By Mary Shelley

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