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Yo 😁 I'm L. A. Brown: Christian, Writer, Avid daydreamer, and Ravenclaw. I'm currently working on an anthology of my high fantasy world, Enchantyon. https://None. Canfield, Canada.
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My Stories

Enchantyon: Trouble In Vinterlund

Following the events of “Enchantyon: The Cost The Elves Must Bear,”… The Jördlands are infected with turmoil. When Mox Magnusson and what remains of her band of runaways escape into the Jördlands of Northern Tesardess, they are hunted by a relentles…
#2 in Fantasy 34.4k views 18 26 Story completed

The Haunted National Park: A Tale From The Peter Wood Multiverse

When Peter and his friends sneak out late at night and wander off the beaten trail while visiting the Haunted National Park, they find themselves in the company of a deeply troubled soul whose magical powers threaten to spread her anguish and fury. …
544 views 13 3 Story completed

The Quest Cup: A Tale from the Peter Wood Multiverse

After several failed attempts, young paranormals, Peter Wood, and his friend, Oliver Moore, finally come across their very own Quest Cup: a coffee cup with a magical map on the inside that promises adventure and treasure should they accept them at t…
5.9k views 1 1 Story completed

Enchantyon: Welcome Home

Following the events of the story, "Enchantyon: Knight of the Holy Faun", both Lalauri Imafenduwell and Keridwen of Khar Vell began making their way back through the Greater Wilderness to the realm that Lalauri called home: the Free Border Dominion …
#1 in Fantasy 78.8k views 89 87 Story completed

Enchantyon: The Cost The Elves Must Bear

“Mox failed to keep herself under control; her breathing was getting erratic as she was torn between trying to keep her eyes on Eddie while also fighting to push and fight her way past the monsters that were still trying to subdue her. Another hard …
11.1k views 47 7 Story completed

Enchantyon: Knight of the Holy Faun

In the world of Enchantyon, where creatures and peoples of magic and myth roam freely, an army of knights and paladins rush to stop a dangerous werewolf from ushering in a new outbreak of the insidious Wolfplague. But when the werewolf in question f…
26.6k views 44 27 Story completed

Enchantyon: The Trouble With Fluff-Moos

Tasked with looking after the farm while his parents are away, Elliot chases after a bunch of run-away fluff-moos that managed to escape earlier in the night. In doing so, he finds himself at odds with a family of hungry creatures who are all too ha…
9.7k views 1 Story completed

Enchantyon: The Jörd In The Ice

Bandle of Froljörow had a habit of getting himself into trouble that followed him throughout his entire life. However, when he's given a final chance by his family to prove his usefulness, he jumps at the opportunity. But what starts out as a task s…
10.0k views 9 4 Story completed

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