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Teacher,Podcaster,Poet, Translator Wes Java, Indonesia.
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My Stories


Expressing the heart with poetry is a true beauty of love. There is nothing more beautiful than always praising and mentioning the name of a lover. Although love is synonymous with happiness, sometimes love also brings suffering and very deep broken…
#11 in Poetry 27.7k views 110 25 New chapter Every 30 days

I Still Love You

After marriage I thought the image of his face did not reappear disturbing my peace and my new family. It turns out that you were still flirting with me when I was having problems with my wife, and finally something happened that a woman and I were…
7.2k views 3 12 Story completed

Love Without Heart

Non Verified story In the midst of societal expectations and personal doubts, Lina and Robert embark on a journey of love that defies all odds. They face the tests of time with unwavering determination. As they navigate through challenges, their bond strengthens, and …
2.8k views 1 1 New chapter Every Saturday

Not Missing A Name

Not Missing A Name is a mystery novel translated from the novel Tidak Hilang Sebuah Nama that was written by Galang Lufityanto and published by PT ERA ADICITRA INTERMEDIA and then translated into English by Elsyarif, with the aim that this novel can…
6.7k views 13 6 New chapter Every Sunday

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