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Gay Friend┃JiKook.

Non Verified story [TRANSLATION] 🍵 : ❝JungKook didn't know all the adventures he could live with his roommate, but he would also discover that his heterosexuality is fragile thanks to JiMin: his gay friend.❞ [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤOriginal fanfic by @imklovs. [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤProlongation...
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Cute Fanboy┃MinV.

Non Verified story [TRANSLATION / ADAPTATION.] 🍵 : ❝JiMin has been put nervous to see that cute cute fanboy at his autograph signing❞. [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤOriginal fanfic by @chxbbyface. [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤProlongation: Two Chapters. [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤCover it's mine. If you want to use it for som...
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Non Verified story [TRANSLATION / ADAPTATION.] 🍵 : ❝JiMin wanted TaeHyung to break up with his boyfriend so much because he was the one he was really looking for. He could make him happier than his boyfriend ever could. "Break up with him and stay with me." ❞ [ 🍵 ...
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No Homo?┃MinV.

Non Verified story [TRANSLATION / ADAPTATION.] 🍵 : "No homo" was trying to believe that they still saw each other as the best friends they had always been. "No homo" was pretending that nothing had happened and that they were still the same. "No homo" was denying...
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Non Verified story [TRANSLATION / ADAPTATION.] 🍵 : ❝Park JiMin, the renowned sculptor, has finally laid eyes on a new muse. But when work gives way to obsession, the artist's strong emotions take over and he indulges in passions inconceivable in his quiet life, leav...
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Good Morning, Yoongi Hyung!┃YoonKook.

Non Verified story [TRANSLATION / ADAPTATION.] 🍵 : ❝«You have a new "Unknown Number" message»❞. [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤOriginal fanfic by @nxmi_j. [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤProlongation: Foreword + Forty-Nine Chapters + Epilogue. [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤCover it's mine. If you want to use it for something, ask fo...
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Ten Steps┃MinV.

Non Verified story [TRANSLATION / ADAPTATION.] 🍵 : ❝JiMin and TaeHyung had a list of 10 steps so that when they were in a relationship they would be experts. Now, how would they test it?❞. [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤOriginal fanfic by @moonstarau. [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤProlongation: Foreword + Ele...
586 views 4 In progress

Nine Ways To Love You And One Way To Make You Fall In Love With Me┃KookGi.

Non Verified story [TRANSLATION.] 🍵 : ❝JeongGuk is good at many things. For sports, dance, drawing, writing, art, editing, theater, music, composition, so many things! However, even though he knew he could come out of his room and shout to the four winds, "I'm the ...
593 views In progress

I'm Here┃KookGi.

Non Verified story [TRANSLATION.] 🍵 : ❝It seems that the only thing they need to get to sleep peacefully is each other's body heat❞. [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤOriginal fanfic by @chxbbyface. [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤProlongation: One Shot (OS). [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤCover is not mine. Credits to the creator/owner...
585 views 1 Story completed

Secrets Revealed┃Drarry.

Non Verified story [TRANSLATION.] 🍵 : ❝Brief glimpses of moments between Harry and Draco that go completely out of canon, while trying to convince them to fulfill their assigned roles in the magical world + "Harry Potter and the Drarry Legacy" special.❞ [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤOri...
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Non Verified story [TRANSLATION.] 🍵 : ❝Lisa has just moved into a new condo. All is quiet until she receives a text message from her neighbor, and simply wishes to die❞. [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤOriginal fanfic by @flordyossi. [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤProlongation: One Shot (OS). [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤCover is n...
529 views 1 Story completed


Non Verified story [TRANSLATION.] 🍵 : ❝He was not. And he never will be.❞ [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤOriginal fanfic by @Esquer. [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤProlongation: One Shot (OS). [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤ❪ KookGi ❫ JungKook Top ¡! YoonGi Bottom. [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤCover is not mine. Credits to the creator/owner of this one....
568 views 1 2 Story completed


Non Verified story [TRANSLATION] 🍵 : ❝For TaeHyung, JiMin was always there. In good times and bad, especially in emergencies. The zeal is an emergency, right? And if he wanted the tough JiMin, then he would get him.❞ [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤOriginal fanfic by @jimstop. [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤPr...
579 views 1 1 Story completed


Non Verified story [TRANSLATION] 🍵 : ❝The only place JungKook dared to be cheeky was in his dreams. "This is better than what I dreamed before. -stated JungKook."❞ [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤOriginal fanfic by @jimstop. [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤProlongation: One Shot (OS). [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤCover is n...
579 views 1 Story completed


Non Verified story [TRANSLATION] 🍵 : ❝JiMin is a proud imbecile, and JungKook is a troublesome jerk. They were regularly going to detention, getting into trouble here and there, and no one could explain why.❞ [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤOriginal fanfic by @jungklove. [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤProlongati...
620 views 1 1 Story completed


Non Verified story [TRANSLATION / ADAPTATION.] 🍵 : ❝JiMin accidentally leaves his jacket at TaeHyung's house, which had his iPod inside. Tempted by curiosity, TaeHyung checks the device and runs into a playlist with his name in the title❞. [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤOriginal fanfic by...
572 views 1 Story completed

Private Classes┃MinV.

Non Verified story [TRANSLATION / ADAPTATION.] 🍵 : ❝Growing up, TaeHyung was lonely, bullied and misunderstood. JiMin was the scared and messed up kid next door.❞ [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤOriginal book by Daryl Banner (Dog Tags). [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤProlongation: Synopsis + Eleven Chapters. [ ...
585 views 1 1 New chapter Every 10 days

Hug Me┃MinV.

Non Verified story [TRANSLATION.] 🍵 : ❝It's cold, very cold, and TaeHyung thinks JiMin's body is better than a coat❞. [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤOriginal fanfic by @chxbbyface. [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤProlongation: One Shot (OS). [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤCover is not mine. Credits to the creator/owner of this one. (...
615 views 1 Story completed

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