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Hi, my name is Jorge and I’m from Lima, Peru. I have autism, that’s why I write “different”. Anyway, I love telling stories. Thanks for reading. ♾️ Lima, Peru.
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My Stories

Humanos Artificiales

Madison es un clon que ha huido de su creador. El detective privado Ryan Conrad ha sido contratado para encontrarla, sin imaginarse que en el proceso, se enamorará de la chica y descubrirá su secreto.
4.7k views 47 6 Story completed

The Wonderful Lovely

A collection of poems.
4.0k views 18 Story completed

“Tea Mug” and Other Flash Fictions

A collection of flash fictions.
4.2k views 18 Story completed

Maíz Para Wiracocha

Una colección de microfábulas.
3.7k views 22 Story completed

220 Queen Street Coffeehouse

Helena tracks down an ex-boyfriend to give him mind-blowing news.
3.2k views 1 Story completed

Penguin Hill

Unemployment, beer, love, and cemeteries.
2.9k views 1 Story completed

Penny vs. The Horrible Soda Machine

Penny discovers why the big soda machine keeps rejecting her.
2.9k views 1 Story completed

Supercharmed Ava

Ava the young witch falls in love with the prince she’s supposed to kill.
3.2k views 2 3 Story completed

Campfire People

300,000 years ago, Laguz wonders if there’s more to life than hunting aurochs.
3.4k views 1 Story completed


La trágica historia de un niño mágico hecho todo de pan, y su final feliz.
3.0k views 1 2 Story completed

Park Bench

A park, a bench, a single leaf.
2.8k views 2 2 Story completed

A Picture to Remind You of Me

Norma’s foreign friend Nina comes for a visit, causing unexpected romantic consequences.
4.1k views 8 2 Story completed

Los 12 Deseos de Asha

Asha ha guardado todos sus deseos de cumpleaños para el momento más importante de su vida.
3.7k views 2 4 Story completed

Whisky de 40 años

Danilo es secuestrado por hombres misteriosos que lo vienen observando desde el día que nació.
3.7k views 2 2 Story completed

A Future Story

The future is bleak, but not for Tannhaüser.
6.6k views 17 3 Story completed


Live forever.
3.9k views 5 4 Story completed

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