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Ecuadorian author. Fantasy is the fireworks of literature. My head is always on fire. Escribo en español en mi blog. Guayaquil, Ecuador.
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My Stories

This is the house

This is the house of a thousand rooms; a thousand doors and a thousand locks through which I look searching for the clock.
16.6k views 1 1 Story completed

The pool

''When I go out to the backyard to smoke, Nina is at the bottom of the pool...''
17.7k views 4 2 Story completed


Una joven ahonda en un pasado degenerado que no se esfuerza en olvidar; su psicólogo, en cambio, intentará eliminarlo de raíz.
14.4k views 3 2 Story completed

Los moradores

''La habitación alberga un festín en el que no hay lugar para el respeto o la dignidad, y aunque alguna vez yo también atendí solo a la lujuria, hoy estoy seguro de que este no es un sitio para mí. ''
14.4k views 4 1 Story completed

El galpón de los cuentos

Tomado de ''Aquí empieza lo extraño'' (Serenity Press, 2016).
17.7k views 2 5 Story completed

On the road to dreams: Chapter 1: Talented

Clara is a ballerina whose parents support her, but that is a fortune not everyone has. Bruno loves music and his life is surrounded by lyrics and chords. Bruno and Clara are struggling to make their dreams come true, and when they meet each other...
17.7k views 3 7 Story completed

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