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Jelly dimensions

In the jelly dimension, all probabilities are as important as one millimeter in surgery while a group of scientists break it down. Hello readers, this world needs your help, which means that I am the first to organize it. Well, you can create an an…
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A lack of

Non Verified story In the 21st century, most people consider monsters and children's nightmares to be superstitions, but "B", a ghost decides to expose the terrifying world of monsters...
230 views 2 2 New chapter Every week
Interactive story


Non Verified story A serial killer leaves a clue
734 views New chapter Every 15 days

Park of trees

Non Verified story A 40-year-old man waiting to die should also be worried about those who come to the park of trees because after entering there is no way out.
2.3k views New chapter Every week

Planet of the Rabbits

Non Verified story Mrs. Ettingle is an experimental science teacher in an elementary school, during a camp and all the children get lost, they discover the secret world and the life of white rabbits.
2.9k views 3 New chapter Every week

Suddenly at that moment

Non Verified story Charles Alexander Hales, a ruthless serial killer who has killed nearly 25 people, struggles with his multiple personality disorder while his good 15-year-old self battles his evil 29-year-old self, trying to commit more murders, but...
2.7k views 1 1 New chapter Every 10 days

The Longing

Have you ever heard an adventure story about people who get stuck on an island? Maybe it's time to put aside the old clichés because someone has something to say. Johnson, Francois Kimball, Eric Sinson, and Francesco Latoneure form a group of three …
5.3k views 1 2 Story completed

The Seas of Count Jim Jones' Palace

Non Verified story A game of Russian roulette, Jim Jones's fortune is passed around like a colt, but ends up drowning in the seas of his palace.
2.9k views New chapter Every week


Non Verified story Dangom, the king of stories, goes to the birthplace of Merodik to hide an elixir from the whole world and imprison a witch named Merodik, who is the creator of the elixir. Meanwhile, the minister of Myros, whose king is Dangom, starts a rebellion ag…
6.5k views 2 Story completed

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