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Hello, I am Maria and I am really happy because people are reading my stories when I begin to get followers I am going to take in intro my future job! At the moment I am writing a scary story that is scaring the creeps outta me! I hope you like my stories, cause I work really hard, I don't have so much imagination so when I have ideas I gotta write them down before they become thin air. Thank you everyone for reading my stories, I am trying my best, and Thank you a lot! http://https://justanormalgirlwithashleybass.blogs.sapo.pt/. Setúbal , Portugal.
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My Stories

Viagem para as estrelas

Non Verified story Julia tem que encontrar a felicidade... Onde ela pode ir? Eu sei... Para as estrelas
114 views Story completed

Journey to the Stars

Julia has to find happiness... Where can she go? I know... To the stars
8.5k views 4 2 Story completed

Charlie's diary

Non Verified story Charlie is gonna tell you about her life
4.4k views 2 2 Story completed

Deeper intro dreams

Non Verified story Rose is a 10-year-old girl that just lost her parents. It is a difficult life, for such a young woman.
644 views 3 New chapter Everyday


Non Verified story 3 podcasts in english!
308 views 1 Story completed

The Castro's family

Non Verified story There is a rich family, has somethings to worry about right now.
3.6k views 3 New chapter Every Sunday

O que eu faria sem o Natal? HoHoHo

Non Verified story Isto é um diario ou uma historia? Tô em duvida!!! KKKKK
2.2k views 1 Story completed

un mystère dans la main de vasti

Non Verified story Une fille tres mignion et cette....
2.3k views Story completed

Un mystère dans la main de vasti (série)

Non Verified story Une fille trés mignion et cette.....
2.4k views Story completed

Uma familia orgulhosa

Non Verified story Um garoto que começa a ser o super-homem e deixa sua família orgulhosa
2.4k views Story completed

Une famille fière

Non Verified story Un garçon qui devient le surhomme et rend sa famille fière
2.3k views Story completed

A mystery in Vasti's hand

Non Verified story Now in English. This is a popular story in Portuguese. If you wanna you can check it out: https://www.getinkspired.com/pt/story/108696/um-misterio-nas-maos-de-vasti/?ref=dashstoryprofile
2.6k views Story completed

Loving the best moment

Non Verified story A girl named Veronica is excited about Christmas but she just founded out that she is gonna be spending it with her mother, her mother left her some time ago, and she has now an annoying brother from another dad.... let's just deal with it.
3.0k views New chapter Every Sunday

An special birthday

Non Verified story My aunt's birthday is on 23rd October. Let me show her that I love her. Please follow this story and comment, and give a like to show that you liked it...
2.4k views 2 In progress

Um mistério nas mãos de Vasti 2

Non Verified story Vasti é uma menina que ama ler livros e que agora tem amigos, foi convidada para a CEENY, e sua mãe esta a espera de gêmeos, boa sorte Vasti
2.7k views Story completed

A proud family

Non Verified story A boy who gets to be the superman and makes his family proud
2.8k views 1 In progress

Um passeio no tempo

Non Verified story Uma menina de uns 15 anos que ama lê o livro favorito dela de novo e volta a encontrara a magia.
2.5k views Story completed

No mundo de Lia

Non Verified story Lia é uma menina que acabou de completar 12 anos e quer parar de ler livros de fantasia mas um pequeno presente de aniversario prende a atenção de Lia, onde ela faz amigos, voa, conversa e ajuda todos os necessitados. Venha ler! Se gostares de um...
2.6k views 1 Story completed

Um mistério nas mãos de Vasti

Non Verified story Vasti uma menina que ama ler e que dentro de uma enrascada se meteu. Vai seguir seu chamado? A MÃE?
2.8k views 4 2 Story completed

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