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The Light is gone

Non Verified story Could this be the end....did the Darkness really take over an is this y last time before I end up in the place I hate to call home "The Nothingness", be come a lost so damned foreven to be trapped in the dark full of all the hurt you ever had in u...
1.2k views 1 Story completed

Breath of trauma

Non Verified story My traumas Aftermath...the scars an stitches that remain
2.2k views 1 New chapter Every 2 days

The Darkness

Non Verified story The struggles continues
1.1k views 3 Story completed

New Changes...cry's for help

Non Verified story The pain trapped in side, wanting more then feeling alone, can anyone hear?
1.4k views 1 Story completed

Close to the end

Non Verified story The battle with my anxiety and depression the war I fight every day
2.5k views 2 Story completed

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