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Fanfiction writer since 2009. Despite not being a english language native I prefer to write in english to train grammar and vocabullary. 27 years old, cosplayer, gamer, designer. Brazil.
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Killer Desire

Non Verified story Shieda KaynxOC (Reader) It was supposed to be very simple. The woman walking through the streets, she wanting a lot to reach her home, get out of the bothersome clothes, get a nice bath and sink on her bed until sleep take her over to the very de...
4.5k views New chapter Every 15 days

Arabian Nights

Non Verified story SinbadxOC Samantha never thought that in one fateful night her life would change drastically, in a way that is exotic and, at same time, very pleasant. (The passage written on the first chapter is from the “The Sixth Voyage of Es-Sindibad of the...
4.6k views Story completed

Cintilar de Esperança, Toque de Desespero, Presente de Amor

Non Verified story Trafalgar LawxNamixEustass Kid Você sabe quando a menina se apaixona pelo menino, mas esse menino acaba se apaixonando por outro menino e esse segundo garoto acaba se apaixonando pela menina? Isso parece ser bem clichê mas alguém sempre passará p...
4.5k views Story completed

Glint of Hope, Touch of Despair, Gift of Love

Non Verified story Trafalgar LawxNamixEustass Kid You know that story when the girl falls in love with the boy but the boy falls in love for another boy and this second boy is in love with the girl? It sounds cliché but somebody had passed for something like that. ...
4.6k views Story completed

Através do Espelho (de Mentiras)

Non Verified story TrafalgarLawxEustass Kid Duas pessoas. Dois homens. Duas identidades diferentes que pertencem a contos de fadas que servem para amedrontar crianças (e também adultos) que são completamente diferentes um do outro, entretanto a sua mistura completa...
4.5k views Story completed

Through the Looking Glass (of Lies)

Non Verified story Trafalgar LawxEustass Kid Two person. Two males. Two different entities which belongs to the fairy tales story to scare children (that also scare adults) that are completely different to each other however their mix makes completion of each other...
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Non Verified story SinbadxKouen Ren Was a simple day for Sinbad, until Kouen decides that is time to make things a little hushed. Ren Kouen x Sinbad drabble. Sinbad, Ren Kouen and Já'far are characters from the series Magi, The Labyrinth of Magic, which belongs to...
4.5k views Story completed

Good, Old Times

Non Verified story Sinbad & Ja'far While writing the ever long scroll on his desk, fulming and cursing because Ja'Far is putting more and more scrolls on his desk, making his butt sore to be sitting so long at the chair, his fingers started to ache at the repetitiv...
4.5k views Story completed

Touch of Destiny

Non Verified story HisokaxOC Red is always calling her. Red like blood, like power, like lust, like love. A deep vibrant red, like the young man's hair. (My first ever fan-fiction from nine years and I redited it past year).
4.5k views Story completed

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