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Julian- Rough Draft

Dark magic induced beings threaten the town of Selasia- and soon to be the world. The only one who can stop them is Elowen, a young warlock with much power hidden inside of him. In order to do this, he needs Julian's help. To take down the corrupt...
1.1k views 12 4 New chapter Every 30 days

Nephilim's Rings

Orpheus, the Devil's Advocate is living on Earth to find the Baphomet's supposed heir. The Baphomet has chosen Julian as his guide to the human world, lacking any real power he struggles under the demon's hands. Along the way, he has a tempting of...
801 views 6 2 New chapter Every 30 days

Cough Drops

Non Verified story Every poem and short lived story I've written, or something close to it.
59 views 1 New chapter Every 30 days

The Phases of Middle School- Spanish

Non Verified story Las Fases, versión en español. Mi español no es muy bueno, así que lo siento si las cosas no están claras.
104 views Story completed

Non Diegetic Sound

Non Verified story No Description
120 views 1 Story completed


No Description
877 views 2 Story completed

The Phases of Middle School

No Description
1.1k views 7 Story completed

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