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The war called life......treehouse girls

Non Verified story 2 girls living in the woods in treehouse. Some of you may already know the feeling "Get's" it those who want to know why, well the world kind and beautiful, wonderful ever. there's so much to see, do, love. Sadly it's also dark and hateful, scary. …
2.0k views 4 New chapter Every week

Lust, lies and love. The good the bad the ugly

Non Verified story Poetry about love lies games feelings
2.4k views 2 2 Story completed

A mother's sorrow

Non Verified story I was told I failed to protect them!?! But why... I had no idea when I found our that creep the nasty perverted waist of a life I caught him on my nanny came molesting my 4 and 6 year old daughter's.... I imeditaly called the police and after taking…
3.1k views 1 2 In progress

The thoughts of addict

Non Verified story When ur suffering from addiction and all u want to do is be sober ... be better.. sometimes the demon is vicious
2.1k views 3 1 In progress

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