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i am just an engineering student with great ability to write stories and novels . https://youtube.com/@AbhinavGoel-1812?si=mJlB8svoPbAL0v5k . Muzaffarnagar , India.
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My Stories


Non Verified story Come a live in the future explore it and even intract with future technology.
1.1k views 2 1 Story completed
Blog Story

The Nexus Chronicles

Non Verified story Its nothing but just a story written by me in order to narrate a life of scientists who sacrificed his whole life for welfare of people and in his research towards time and multiverse.
1.1k views 2 2 Story completed

A robo suit from future

Come on marvelous marvel means Ironman fan if you like this story then comment it to marvel as an idea to bring Ironman or a character based on Ironman in future marvel movies back .A scene that needs to be un revealed .
367 views 1 2 Story completed

Way to Multiverse experience

Ever thought of multiverse or parallel universes if yes then come and integrate your interest , know the facts and open the gate to beyond level thinking and know that you have already experienced these examples ever in life.
2.4k views 2 4 Story completed

Jee 2.0

"Hey guys, if you've read my story of JEE and found it relatable, then you'll definitely find this one relatable too. It's not just about JEE; it's about how I coped with my dream and turned it into reality, becoming a robotics engineer and even sta…
3.1k views 7 2 New chapter Everyday

The Time

Non Verified story The time has come for the subject of time .
6.8k views 44 10 New chapter Everyday

The Lost Robot

I am lost in this pitiful world and may be gone .
10.0k views 6 13 Story completed

Included in: Welcome to future ($5/month)


Love is beautiful and more unique when happens among robots. Its an extended version of my first book " The TIME ".
#16 in Romance 8.5k views 10 8 New chapter Every 2 days

The bakery adventure legend

Come to me join my adventure .
5.7k views 1 4 In progress

ThE BoOk Of FuTuRe

Come on be be the part of future and explore it . So be ready and jump into the portal that will take you to future.
6.9k views 7 7 New chapter Everyday

Included in: Welcome to future ($5/month)

The Memory Remains

Non Verified story In this story there is a person who felt of her being live in simulation. With memories of live that he had never lived.
3.2k views 3 5 New chapter Everyday
Interactive story

Dream Girl: poetic desire

Non Verified story Read the poem and close your eyes . Imagine your true love by the power of words.
3.1k views 2 2 In progress

The love

Non Verified story Love is nothing a stage of life .
2.9k views 2 2 New chapter Everyday
Interactive story

The Lighthouse

A lighthouse isolated stood on an unknown island .
5.9k views 3 8 New chapter Everyday

Included in: Welcome to future ($5/month)
Interactive story

The Lost Robot 2.0

Non Verified story My i lost
524 views 1 2 New chapter Everyday
Interactive story

Resurgence of the Iron Avenger

The story of Iron avenger has began , new ironman
1.5k views 3 5 In progress


Non Verified story Ironman is not just word its an emotion an experience that all of us marvel fans has been connected to this marvel universe.
436 views 2 2 In progress

Love story

Love is life
5.2k views 3 2 New chapter Everyday
Interactive story

3020 Love year

Non Verified story The coming of 3050 to 3020 love year
2.9k views 2 1 New chapter Everyday
Interactive story

The matter of dreams

Non Verified story Read to hit your thinking ability
3.1k views 2 6 Story completed
Interactive story

Black hole

Non Verified story Read to hit your thinking ability
2.9k views 3 5 Story completed
Interactive story

The theory of origin

Non Verified story Read to hit your thinking ability
3.0k views 3 3 Story completed
Interactive story

Is it possible

Non Verified story One day i got a message from past
2.8k views 2 2 In progress

The Haunted House

Non Verified story Horrrrŕrrrrrrror
2.8k views 3 3 In progress

I Am Done with my life

Am I living in simulation.
#19 in Short Story 23.3k views 9 14 Story completed

Included in: Welcome to future ($5/month)

The Jee

Non Verified story The life turning point
2.8k views 5 4 In progress

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