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Once upon a time, it was a dream, but now interplanetary travel has become a routine affair and people go on holidays to different planets. The moon and Mars have been developed into humans' colonies by the scientists from the earth. Several other planets have been found with aliens living there and they also like to visit Earth from time to time.

The aliens found some practices followed by the people of earth quite strange and funny. They keep a 1-meter distance from everybody whether humans or aliens and washed their hands very often for a reason or no reason. Also, they keep their faces always covered.

Old fashioned people wear bamboo wheels in their waist, which has a radius of I meter so that people remain at a distance from them. They call it a corona belt and the face mask or cover is called Corona face cover. A variety of belts and face covers are available in the market, of different qualities, designs, and prices. People have made gradations in the belts and face covers. By the quality of these articles, one can guess the social and economic status of a person, who is wearing them. Most of the people don't know why the face cover or mask is called corona cover and the belt is called Corona belt and why they wear these articles. Some contemporary leaders and social reformers consider wearing these articles bad customs and of elitist nature. It is like the practice of untouchability of ancient times

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