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The Beginning, Part 1

Littletato was a potato that lived alone, she was always tripping and walking through cities, and loved to live and to see new things.

One day she found another potato, and then they talked a lot, they started to know each other a little more, the other potato was called Julia and was of pink color, they planned a whole life...

They planned what city they would go, what house and a lot of other things, and they traveled to that city that they dreamed of, the city was San Francisco, they bought a house and lived there.

Once in a while Littletato came out to the shop to buy things, but she didn't buy tatos (potatoes) because that was cannibalism and she thought that this thing that humans made is bad, to put living things there.

San Francisco was a city where vegetables and fruits could live safe without humans close, but still vegetables and fruits were sold, other people bought fruits and vegetables to eat, but Littletato thought that that was gross, she only bought meat and milk, and some grains like rice and beans.

Then Littletato found a friend of her while walking home, the friend was a sweet potato called Yam, it was of masculine sex, Yam and Littletato talked a lot, Yam said that in Las Vegas they sold meat and vegetables even if there were cows in there and they continued to talk, then she finished the conversation and started walking to home again...

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To be continued... New chapter Every 10 days.

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