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Sera-21 years old trying to live a new life in a new place but who knows there'll be lots of things that change her life since she met a young man from aircraft that will give lots of impact in her life.

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Starry Night


The stars adorns the sky that evening, it's so beautiful and enchanting. I hold my passport in my right hand and my left hand is playing with my phone. I'm texting my friend as I wait for the air hostess to call the passenger and board the plane.

"Young lady, I'm sorry to disturb you but I think this might be yours."

I look up and see a man holding a pen with kitty shaped on it. I take the pen while smiling at him. I try to be warm to everyone even though I'm actually a very cold person.

"Yes, that's mine. Thank you."

I put my phone on my lap then I open my purse and put my pen back into my purse. I take a deep breath before I unlock my phone and continue texting with my friend. I've been talking to my friend for around 15 minutes and we had a very interesting conversation. That'll be my last conversation with her before I left my homecountry and go to a better place, I think, where I can learn about lots of new things and new culture. I try my best not to cry because I know I won't be able to see her again for 3 years.


After waiting for 30 minutes suddenly I heard the announcement, saying that every passenger of flight AA-305 can board into the aircraft. I stand up from the couch then put my phone into my bag, I take my luggage with me and walk to the counter. I give my passport and boarding pass to the air hostess and she scanned the barcode then give my passport and boarding pass back to me.

"Enjoy your flight, Miss Sera."

"Thank you."

I hold the boarding pass and passport on my left hand as my right hand carry my hand luggage with me. I bring 2 big suitcase with me and 1 hand luggage. The big ones go to the aircraft baggage meanwhile the small one come with me to the cabin. I walk to the aircraft and I can see there are 2 flight attendant who greet the passengers. I give my boarding pass to one of them,

"Seat number 12A, it's near the window. Enjoy your flight."

The flight attendant give the boarding pass back to me and I walk on the path to my seat. My eyes focused on the numbers that are printed above the chair. 3,5,7,9,11 and finally I find my seat. I open the cabin baggage and put my hand luggage inside but since I'm not that tall, I'm having a hard time trying to push the luggage in. Luckily, there's a man who's kind enough to help me by pushing my luggage inside.

"Thank you. . ."

I thank him and smile warmly to the man before finally I take a seat. I fasten my seatbelt then look outside the window and I can see the stars still adorns the dark night sky. Sometimes I ask myself, why the stars can be really dazzling and I wish to be enchanting as the stars.

I find a blanket and a headset inside the seat compartment and I unwrap it from the wrapper. The blanket is warm enough for me and can help me not to catch a cold. Thus I wrap the blanket around my body and feel the warmth of the blanket. Afterwards, I unwrap the headset from the wrapper and plug the cable into the chair. I switch on the TV that's embedded into the seat in front of me and touch the screen, trying to find a perfect movie for me.

15 minutes later the flight attendant announces that the aircraft is ready to take off and they give some announcements about things that's allowed and prohibited inside the aircraft. I hear the announcements through my headset and after they are done I press the play button and start the movie.


"Excuse me, Miss."

A voice of a female wakes me up, I didn't realize that I was asleep while watching the movie that I like.


"Would you like to have Deep fried pork with Oriental coffee sauce, chinese vegetables and fried rice or Pan fried chicken with grain mustard sauce, capsicum, spinach, carrot and potatoes?"

I think for a while before deciding which menu that I'd like to have.

"The deep fried pork, please."

The air hostess open the trolley's drawer and take a tray with the deep fried pork menu on it then give it to me. I lower the table and place the tray on the table. I open the wrapper and the scent of the pork makes me hungry.

"Also is there anything you want for the drink?"

"A cup of tea for me, please."

The air hostess take a cup and fill it with hot English Breakfast tea then give it to me while saying,

"Enjoy your dinner."

"Thank you."

I take the tea and place it on the empty space on the tray. I unwrap the fork and start to eat. The meat is very tender and juicy and the coffee sauce is so delicious. The fried rice is perfect and beside the main course, there's a banana and coconut cake with English cream and a piece of bread. I eat everything and when I'm done, I become sleepy again. I drink my tea then close my eyes and fall asleep once again.


The sun wakes me up early in the morning. I open my eyes and look outside the window. The sky is blue and there are no more beautiful stars. I look at the screen and the time shows 6 in the morning which means there are 1 hour left before I arrive at my destination. I look around trying to find a cabin crew because I'm so hungry but unlucky me, it's not time yet to have breakfast so I decided to go to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth.

When I'm on my way back to my seat I spot the flight attendant pushing the trolley of food on the hallway and it's the perfect time for breakfast. I'm back at my seat and waiting for the delicious food to come. After waiting for 5 minutes finally the flight attendant is right next to me,

"Good morning, Miss. Did you sleep well?"

"Fortunately, yes. I had a very good sleep."

"That's good. What would you like for breakfast? We have scrambled egg with veal sausage, grilled tomato and hash brown and we have braised noodles with barbequed chicken and chinese greens."

"I'm craving for scrambled egg."

"So scrambled egg then, please lower the table miss."

I lower the table while the flight attendant take the tray with the egg menu on it and place it on my table. I'm so hungry so when the tray is placed I immediately open the cover and eat it.

"Miss, we have hot coffee, hot tea and some milk for the drinks. Which one suits you with your breakfast?"

"Hm. . . I believe it's the right time to have some hot coffee."

The flight attendant fills the cup with hot coffee and she gives me a sugar and creamer. What a perfect breakfast. I find some fresh fruits and bread rolls beside the main course and everything is so delicious. I finish everything that's on the tray and the timing is perfect because when I finish the flight attendant is back to take the empty tray. I look at the screen and the time shows that I almost arrive at my destination.

Announcement can be heard through my headset as they inform everyone that it's time to land so they ask everyone to go back to their seats. The aircraft slowly goes down and finally reach my destination.

"We have arrived at the destination, Berlin and thank you for flying with us. Don't forget to double check your luggage and make sure don't leave anything behind."

When the aircraft finally stop, I stand up and open the cabin baggage. I try to take my hand luggage but because of my height, I'm unable to take it. Suddenly a hand reach for my bag and take it from the cabin baggage. I look at the person who help me and it's a young man, maybe around my age and he is around 180cm tall with brunette hair and a headphone around his neck.

"Thank you. ."

He moves her face close to my ears and whispers,

"I believe if you drank more milk when you're small, you can reach your bag."

That's rude for someone that I don't even know to say that. I take my bag from him and take my purse with me and step outside the aircraft. He's such a very annoying person and I don't want to meet him anymore. I wish. But once again I can hear the same voice calling for me,

"Hey miss, the short girl, I think you left this."

I turn around and faced him with an annoyed face. I see my pouch on his hand then I walk straight to him and take it from his hand.

"Thank you once again."

I said with a cold tone. I hope there won't be anything else left behind so I turn around and walk to the immigration. While walking I open my pouch and there's a paper inside. I believe it's not mine thus I take it and read it.

- I'm sure we'll meet again, clumsy girl.-

After I read it I throw it away and I said to myself that I will never ever get in touch or meet him anymore.

But I'm wrong,

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