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Lindell's Nightmare is a story that tell us about the band Lindsay Lindell. A rock band that was taking fame very fast. Some people say they have many nightmares after her concerts, and strangely, the band keep a secret that no one know.

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One day, a girl named Amylissie, was informed about a great notice. Her favorite band, Lindsay Lindell, that do a music like a rare rock, was visiting her town.

Amylissie was 14 years old, a beautiful girl with long and brown hair and blue eyes. She was in the middle school, and She was talking with her friend, Amanda, about the concert of the aforementioned band.

"Well, did you know that? Lindsay Lindell is in the town! I can't believe this. I need to see that on live stage" said the girl very happy.

"He!, he!, I see you love that a lot. I hear you always you say that for a week...

"Yeah! So sorry, but, I think they are fantastic, Darien is the best guitarist on the world, he's solos are incredible, Laria don't stay behind, is the rhythm guitarist from the group, and she doesn't the path of the bass and drums, her way to play the guitar, is simply awesome, and the bass is played by the beautiful Sarila, she look like so gothic, and the drums are played by Clorvy, the best, also, for the end, the Singer have the same name like me, She named like me... oh God! I really need to see them on live.

"Yeah! I hear it before... for a week, but do you think your parents let you go to the concert?

"Oh, I... I think it isn't a problem, my parents... they could me let me go to the concert...

"Oh, my parent couldn't let me go to the concert, because they said always that's a demoniac music, or something like that. It's stupid, but, if you go to the concert, can you take a picture for me? It will be awesome!

"Ok. If I go to the concert, I take a pic.

"Oh! Girl, thanks.

Later, at the evening. She was in her house. Her mother was serving the food to the table, while Amylissie was waiting the exactly moment to question her mother about the concert. Earlier than later, she ask for that.


"Yes. Darling.

"Ca... can you let me go to the Lindell's concert tonight?


"Yeah, in the night, it will be a concert in the center city. Can I go with a friend?

“No. You cannot go.

"Mom! Why? Why not?"

“Because it is a satanic music, it, is a rock concert, right?

“Yeah, but...

“No my dear, also, the concert will be near at the midnight. It will be too late for you, and very dangerous.

"You only... you don't want to let me go because you hate my music" screamed the girl and she started to cry. Her mom took the control of the situation. She scolded the child and send to her room.

Amylissie went to her room, and she passed all the evening crying until night. She cried until fall asleep. Then, when she least waited, her mom woke up. She was with her father.

"Dear, I was thinking about the concert of your favorite band. I was talking about that with your father, so, we decided..." said her mom, her father abruptly interrupted.

"We decided to carry you on the concert.

When she hear those words, she jumped from her bed full of happiness.

"Really? Do you really do that?

Yeah Darling. So, prepare you to go the concert. We leave the home in twenty five minutes.

Yes! Oh! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!" said the girl while hugged her parents.

Later, she arrived to the concert. It was a really big place, in front there was a huge stage, but the place doesn't had people around.

"Oh, I thought it would be full to blow up". Said Amylissie some scared.

Oh, I think we arrive too early". Said her father. "Okay, let's find a place near the stage, the ticket say it is our place" added to say her daughter.

A few time passed. Soon, the people started to arrive to the place, and, in a flicker, the place full up. After several minutes. The band appeared in the stage.

The first to appear was a young and beauty woman. She had a precious pink dress with a big skirt with the same color and a black corset that pressed her waist until draw her curved body. She looks like a gothic porcelain doll. She had a long and golden hair, and the face fully made up, she had a little heart in the right cheek and a little teardrop in the other cheek. She had an electric guitar, a red Fender Stratocaster.

"Oh God! She's Laria. It's beautiful" Thought Amylissie.

The second to appear, was Darien. He wore a black jacket and had a sunglasses. He looks like seriously aggressive, he had some long and black hair. He was carrying an electric guitar, like a black Gibson Les Paul.

"Darien is so cool and handsome" Thought Amylissie.

The third, was another young woman, she looks like a dark character, like a punk-model magazine, because she had long and black hair, but shaved by both sides of her head. She was the bass guitarist, and she had the electric bass like a Fender Precision Electric Bass

"Wow, she looks like Goth, but is beautiful too".

For the end, the fourth to enter to the stage was the baterist. He was very strong and hard width, he didn't have nothing particularly, and he have only a blue jean and a large and black belt.

The band stayed in the stage, and waiting for something. Amylissie asked herself with confusion.

"What do you waiting? Why doesn't play?

"Uh oh!" said Laria. "Where is Amylissie?" added the guitarist.

"Oh, one of the band is named same like you dear" said the Amylissie's mom when she heard her name. "Yeah! I knew" responded the girl.

The bass guitarist, Sarila, answered to Laria's question in the stage.

"I don't know, the presentation always start late for her blame".

In a few seconds. The people was impatient, and started a fuss.

"Oh! My... Okay, ehm... Dear people... the singer... the singer Amylissie..." said Laria, but she was interrupted. Someone laughing very strong. The public heard the noise amplified by their microphone.

Suddenly, a motorcycle appeared at full speed on the stage, and left a huge smoke cloud over all the band.

"Ha! Ha! Ha! Hell yeah! I'm the one that you wanted!" said Amylissie while parking her vehicle in the middle stage.

"Oh! Did you remember that this morning, you had asked by your bike? Well, there is" said Clorvy with sarcasm to Sarila.

"Hey! You stole my bike! Bitch! What did you want do with this?" screamed Sarila to Amylissie.

Oh! Well, I needed your bike to buy some beers and cigarettes. What's your problem with that?! Slut flat!" responded the woman with violence.

"Wh... what did you fuckin' say?!"

"Oh! C'mon on! Don't star a catfight. We have a concert in our hands, so... I think..."said Darien. But Amylissie interrupted his monologue with the motorcycle. She did a lot of noise and smoke with the motor's roar of the vehicle.

"Ah! Don't do that, please!" said Laria. She felt the stinky smoke.

"You shut up fuckin' sucker!" scold Amylissie, and she did more noise and smoke.

"Ah! Please! Cough! Cough! That's disgusting! Amy... cough! Cough! I can't breathe!" said Laria while the smoke had covered completely her.

When the public had heard Laria's cough. They became craziness. They had started to jeer Amylissie.

"Oh! C'mon! It's only a little smoke! Well! Ok. I see" said Amylissie and took a place ahead the band. "So! You wanna Rock?! Suckers!

The people full up crazy, and they had claimed "yeah". Laria walked a few steps, to leave behind the huge smoke cloud.

"Well! Laria! Open the rock!" Amylissie ordered to Laria. She started to play the guitar.

The guitarist's sound encompassed all the place, strong and clear was her guitar. Soon, the band joined to sound and a high rock piece started.

Amylissie was very happy, she heard her favorite singer. A beautiful voice she can hear. The singer started her verse:

See the dark in my eyes,

feel illusions in your mind.

The rhythm changed, and Laria accompanied the song like a second vocal.

In my trap, you never had a chance.

(In my trap, you never had a chance)

The rhythm changed again, and both singers played her lyrics with a sinister, and at the same time, beautiful voice.

Darkness is the monster,

(Darkness ah!)

that have full insane mind.

(Ah! ah! ah!)

Lies are like my heart

(Lies are like!)

and you see a disguise, my little.

See me like a flower,

(See me like!)

Drop out hope illusions,

(Drown down, fall,)

your soul will be mine,

(ah!, ah!, ah!)

you meet the pleasure from illusions.

Hear my lies,

(Hear me,)

fall in love.

(fall in love)

Amylissie took her cell phone from her jeans to record the moment. When she started to record, someone had thrust her, and she ended throwing her cell phone beyond the security fence.

"Oh! God!" said the girl with concern.

"Oh! Dear, I'll go for it" said her dad, and he disappeared among the people.

The girl saw her cell, she can't took her cell for the distance. Suddenly, in the stage, the singer Amylissie, took her motorcycle and jumped from the stage. She fell on the girl's cell phone, and she skidded the motorcycle. The excessive exhaust fumes from the motorcycle, had covered the girl in a huge smoke cloud. She started to cough a lot.

After that, the cloud disappeared slowly. She saw a stage completely empty abruptly.

"What the hell?" Said the girl.

"Oh! Hello!" said a familiar voice.

The girl saw for the direction where she heard her name. She had a non-pleasant surprise. The singer was near her. She was a very beautiful woman, thin body, ruby's eyes and a long and rare black hair, because she had a red's brightness, when the light fall upon her. She was wearing a leather jacket and a blue jeans with a black boots.

"Whu... hey! Wait a minute. Where is the people that was around here in a moment ago?"

"Oh! Yeah, the people..." said the singer while she took out a wrinkled cigarette pack and a lighter from her jeans. "Well, they... disappeared" said the woman and proceeded to light up one cigarette.

"Oh! Yeah! That's don't have any sense, what's happening here?"

"I can't understand you" responded the woman, while expelled smoke from her lips in every word.

"Whu... Oh my God! Well, I try to tell you..." said the girl, but she interrupter by the singer.

"... You wanna one?" said the woman while offered a cigarette to the girl.

No. I'm not smoke.

"Ha, ha, ha! I don't believe in you" said the woman, and she pulled her cigarette with her lips, to puff the smoke on the Amylissie's face.

When the girl felt the smoke in her face, she closed her eyes, and she removed the smoke with a hand. After, she opened her eyes, she encountered the people and the concert, as nothing had happened.

"What the fuck?" thought the girl. She looked beyond the security fence. Her cell phone disappeared.

"What happens darling?" said her mom.

"Oh! Mom, ah... I can't explain you, so... whu... well... can we go to the home now? Please!" said the girl scared.

"What? Ok darling, don't worry. Only one thing, I need to found your father. When I find it, we will go to home" said her mother and she proceeded to find her husband.

"No. Please no!" responded the girl desperate.

"What happen my dear?

Please! Don't leave me alone. Please, we... can we find my father together?

In that moment, around the first line, there was various smoke machine. All machines was activated at the same time, and covered the first line with a lot of white mist. At the same time, the singer played her verse:

Fog cover all around,

you see only lovely curves.

In my trap, you never had a chance.

(In my trap, you never had a chance)

The silence had a seriously presence. It was deafening. All the people disappeared again.


"Oh! Yeah! I don't believe in you" said the singer.

"I... I don't understand what happening here.

"Let me explain. You can't lie me. Cause, I know you perfectly.


"Yeah! I know you smoke a lot. Particularly after the school, with your friends.

"Ah?... oh?... whu... so..." said the disturbed girl.

"Don't accept her! You do very well!" said one voice. She was Laria's voice, and she appeared behind the girl.

"Ah! I..." said the girl confused.

"You sucker!" said the woman when she heard Laria's voice.

"What?! What I'm the sucker? You're the one who suck her cigarette, you always suck a cigarette, so that convert you to the sucker" said Laria.

The girl can't resist more a she ran far away the two artists. She ran away until she found one emergency exit. She didn't think two times, she opened the door and passed with despair.

She ran far away to a large and darkness hall, and she saw a light. When she reached the light, she was in the stage suddenly.

"What the fuck is happening here?!" screamed the girl with rage.

"Here I am! Rock you like a hurricane!" singed one voice.

Suddenly, all stage' smoke machines was activated in front the girl, but this time, it was so much smoke, she started to suffocate in the thick mist.

While the girl was coughing in the thick smoke. Someone talked in the middle mist.

"Hey! That's a lot of smoke, no one can see us, that's an exaggeration"

"What's happen here? Cough! cough! cough! I can't breathe!" said the girl.

"Oh yeah, it's too hard to breathe here, not for me, but it's hard... so I can..." said the girl. In that moment, the mist started to dissolve.

Amylissie removed the smoke with a hand. Slowly, she can see a silhouette between the fog.

"You can... what?" said the confused girl.

"She can eat you, of course"

"What?! What are you talking about?" said the girl and she see the singer. She had a full terror expression. The woman was levitating in the air. She talked to Amylissie, she looked like indifferent.

"Well, she needs to eat you, so..."

"Wait! What is happen here? What are you talking about to "she need to eat me"? I don't understand nothing"

"You will die, like your parents and friends"


The mist disappeared completely. She saw the high horror. The corpse of her mother was in the ground, she had the face deformed and it looked like parched, then the girl screamed with horror. She thought run, but, when she saw in front her, she descried the bass guitarist, Sarila, she was bloodstained, and she was licking her bloody hand.

"You will die, like your parents and friends" repeated the singer.

In that moment, someone, in darkness, had threw two corpses more. When the girl saw the corpses, she immediately recognized her father's body and the Amanda's body, both was in the same conditions that her mother.

Amylissie ran again to the emergency exit. She can scaped form the monsters. She ran to the avenue, and she started to scream for help. It was strange, because the streets was empty.

She ran too far away between the street, and she noted the streets empty. Exactly in that moment, she started to hear a growl, like a big animal, and she thought it will be dangerous. She was wrapped by a high terror.

She ran and ran, but that thing was getting closed. Soon, a huge shadow did fall all the lights, and she fell to the ground.

When she turned behind her, she only saw a huge snout with sharp teeth and a larges fangs.

"It's eat me! Ah! Ah! Help! Help me! Help! Ah! Ah!" screamed the girl with all her strength. It was a heartbreaking scream.

Immediately. The lights appeared.

"What's happen here?! What's happen?! Darling! Darling!" said her mother.

Amylissie was in her room. She was covered with her bed sheet, and she was shaking the bed.

When took calm. She saw her mother. She stilled alive.

"What's happened here? What's wrong?" said a voice. It was Amylissie's father.

"Calm down dear, it was a nightmare" said her mom.

"A nightmare... it... it was so... so real..." said the girl and she started to cry. "I love you mom... I love dad" she added while she hugging her parents.

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