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SIPNOSIS The Doors to Hell, (original title Zaza atreves de la ouija) tells the story of six strangers who meet in a room full of dust and mystery located in Belmont High School. They find the Ouija leaving their differences aside in order to play and talk with spirits. They manage to make contact with a demon named ZAZA, which as time goes by will torment them in their dreams and in their reality. Don't look for questions if you don't want to know the answers... Lucas, Madison, Ethan, Lara, Noah, Elizabeth, will fight this demon with all their might, will they be able to bring him back through the gates of hell? Kristian Tole: Author and original ideaAngie Sanchez: Co-author and translator Cmaligno: Cover Designer Available in 3 different languages from: Spanish, English and Portuguese

Horror Teen horror Not for children under 13.

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CHAPTER I "Old Memories"

(School bell rings)

I was the new kid in school, it was my third day at Belmont, the best high school in the city of Lakewood, I hadn't made any friends yet, it was the halftime bell, I went to the cafeteria, and I noticed a girl crying, against a wall I looked up and I turned away, and I thought it might have happened to this girl on a Friday to be crying, "young man, please delay the line", That's what the cafeteria attendant told me, I ordered a latte to drink, and when I turned around she was no longer there, I picked up my coffee and headed for a table when I tripped, my hot coffee spilled on me, I quickly took off my shirt, everyone laughed at me and stared at me, but no one was willing to help me, only an old lady who was sitting asked: "You've had a bad Friday, haven't you? Small" and she left, because it was obvious I was the new one at school, I went to the year to take off my shirt so I could wash it, the bell rang again, I went to the classroom, at the entrance there was him, he just turned around and left, but I couldn't let him go so I followed him and asked him again, as every idiot continued to ignore me I knew it was him who had been responsible for my humiliation so I proceeded to ask him why he had done it and all he said was "You are the new one, you were waiting" and he continued his journey, I asked myself where he was going so I decided to ask him, "that doesn't matter to you" was what he answered me, suddenly he grabbed me from the diver and took me against a wall, I thought that he would hit me, and I noticed that he was afraid to look at me to see what I was afraid of and I saw a teacher who was checking the corridors, so he turned around obviously I followed him while doing this look the time was 20 minutes late, "young people, what are you doing here" asked a teacher, I chose not to say anything and he did not say anything either, the teacher took us to the rectory and as we walked I thought my life changed since that day passed.

1 Week Earlier...

I was in the living room and my mother ordered me to organize my room, and I didn't want to do it, I was watching one of the best shows, I told her to wait but she insisted that I order it at once, I continued to lie on the couch, and everything started, she got upset with me, and a scream led to more screams, Michael locked himself in his room, my mother came out to clear up a little bit, she had taken his car. Michael came out of his room and asked for her, I didn't answer and I was jealous that she had left but I didn't know where to, in a few minutes the house phone rang, I answered the call it was the police, I was speechless Michael asked what was going on, the officer asked for an older person, my brother grabbed the phone, silence was only that, my brother cut the call off while tears were coming out of his eyes, I knew what that meant. My mother had been in a car accident and crashed into a light pole, when the doctors arrived she no longer had a pulse... she was gone. The only person who could help us was my aunt, we went to the hospital but they wouldn't let us see her, in the middle of the night my aunt asked what had happened, my mother's lawyers arrived, we didn't answer they were in shock, the lawyers organized the wake and the funeral, after we had buried her, we packed our things we were going to live with our aunt, they enrolled me in high school, the lawyers took care of our things to get to the new house, there is no will so it was going to take a while, we left, I had a sea of feelings I knew this was my fault I had argued with her if only I could have changed what happened if I could go back she told me again and again, but I also knew that what she was thinking was impossible, with immense pain I remembered her as the most perfect woman and with tears in my eyes I fell asleep.

*Man announces arrival at station

- Lucas... Lucas! Come on, wake up, we're here.

- (Yawning) Yeah... Yes. I'm awake now...

- Here we are, let's go wake up Michael

- Sure, sure. The trip was exhausting. I think I deserve a break. Well, we deserve a break. I said I was feeling a little better.

- Okay, when we get there you'll settle into your room and rest, but now let's go.

- All right, I'll do it.

Soon after that...

(door slams)

- (Door opening) Luke! Hello

- Hi, Tom. I said hello to my cousin in a low voice.

- How's my favorite cousin- my cousin told Michael, but he didn't even look at him

- (short silence) Oh okay, sorry

- No... don't worry my love, you know what just happened and you had a bad day, don't worry about him, he'll get better in no time

- OK, I'll go up to my room

- All right, go upstairs, get some rest, come down for dinner... tell Michael!

We had travelled for 2 hours from Los Angeles to get here to Lakewood City, a city with approximately 80,000 inhabitants. My brother, a 17 year old lout, my mother and father divorced when we were only six and seven years old, my father was a womanizer and a first class gambler, I think this was the reason why my mother decided to divorce him, Michael, It made him feel very bad, he became as he is now, but I don't blame him, or my mother, or my father, I just think that things happen for a reason and if they had to separate, that was their destiny... but what happened that day, I blame myself.

I had already moved into my room on the second floor of the house, I noticed that the house was a little old and that the stairs were creaking with every step I took, I missed my old house, I kept telling myself, I had a big mirror full of dust that I cleaned, Michael moved into the room right next to mine, I kept exploring the house, I went out into the yard where there was a big tree and a swing attached to it, it looked a little old and dangerous so I continued my tour inside the house. I went up to the attic, the stairs if they came down while squeaking, the light was flashing so I couldn't look properly, I decided to go down to the basement, and as I went down I noticed that no one had done so for a long time, on the fifth step there was a lace buried in the wood that pointed upwards. "I turned on the light to see much better and I saw that there was a closet I tried to look inside but it was impossible because it was locked, so I went up to dinner, I called Michael but he didn't answer, while we were at the table my aunt informed me that I could enter the school tomorrow if I wanted to, I told her I would wait until I was well settled. After two days I had already unpacked and settled in, but I was still not ready for school or a new life, but I remembered that my mother would have wanted me to be happy, so I decided to go to high school the next day.

Current events...

We were in front of the director's door, he made us follow individually first him and then me, after a few minutes the person responsible for all this came out, looked at me in the eyes and left, while he looked at me I noticed in his eyes a fury, but I continued to the room, I went in and the director told me:

- Sit down, Mr. London," he said as he settled in, "I understood that you were a good boy, but as far as I heard wrong, I called your aunt and left a message, but I can't let you go, you have committed a fault, you tried to avoid class with your friend, with Mr. Noah... so (interrupts)

- He's not my friend - I told him without even looking up

- No? Then what were you doing with him outside the classroom during school hours, huh?

- I wouldn't understand.

- You really should have tried me

- There's no point in explaining it

- All right, don't say it, but I have to punish you or you know how many students would get away with it

- Which one is it?

- Which is what?

- The punishment! - I told him in an aggressive tone of voice

- It'll go down in detention with "your non-friend"

- I told you, he's not my friend.

- Yeah, but what neither of them told me was what they were doing outside of class, huh?

- I don't know.

- (Director laughs) You don't know where you were going, how is that possible

- I was silent and asked him, "Can I go now?" He looked at me and answered:

- If you can leave now, but the next time you get caught outside of class, it won't be the same punishment, will it?

- Yes... yes, sir.

- I hope so, kid. I'll see you after school. Don't get into any more trouble.

I headed to the classroom waiting for the hours to pass.

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To be continued... New chapter Every Sunday.

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