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A book of little real life stories that show the balance between good and evil. Just because someone does 'evil' things, it doesn't mean they are evil. Most people are just lost. We have iniquities, blind spots, and we don't know ourselves. If we knew ourselves better, the world would be much more beautiful.

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Am I Alone Here ?

A person needs to be strong to survive !

That doesn't mean muscular.

It means you have to believe in yourself !

You have to believe in your dreams.

You have to allow yourself to have dreams, and believe in them.

What do you want ?

Do you want to own your own house ?

You have to do something to get there.

Make a plan.

Do you want to be published, and have followers and supporters ?

You have to follow and support others that have the same interests as you.

I started a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a publishing platform. My target amout was $700.

As soon as my Kickstarter campaign went live, I got an inbox message from someone offering to promote my campaign for money.

I reported them as spam, or phishing.

I'm not saying promotions are bad. I don't mind paying for services when I have the money, but it felt a bit like these guys were vultures. Here I am trying to get enough to publish, and these vultures swoop in to see if they can get anything from me.

The next day I got three more inbox messages from three different people, again offering me promotion services if I pay them money. I didn't report them yet.

I wondered if I needed some kind of promotion.

Instead of reporting them, I answered each message.

I said, "Thank you for your offer. If you want to help me, maybe you can pre-purchase a book through the campaign to help get it off the ground, and to help my campaign be successful."

I never heard from any of them.

They didn't even answer the message. They could have politely said anything to decline.

They didn't want to help me. They didn;t want to pay ten for a book, or donate two dollars. They just wanted me to give them money, and they wanted more than ten dollars.

One of the 'promotion packages' actually had a $400 price on the lowest level ! The next level up for 'better service with more benefits' was $600 ! If I'm trying to raise $700 to publish my book, why would I pay that ? That means they didn't even look at my campaign. They weren't interested in me, or what I was doing, or helping.

Vultures !

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To be continued...

Meet the author

Eva Kaloudas Hi Everyone ! I'm new to Inkspired ! I've been a writer my whole life, have at least twenty pounds of stories on paper written the old fasioned way, ( with pen and paper because computers didn't exist yet when I started ! ) and one of my current projects is typing it all up ! I'm about to self-publish my first book !

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