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Lavender Anderson lost her father in a car accident two years ago, now she is managing her father's café to help her ill mother while balancing school life. what will happen when Alex River enters her life Especially her heart? Alex River your typical golden boy, good grades and an athlete. he returned to his town after two years where he lost his first best friend right in this place, fate played it's way and he met her again at the same café where they always meet before. The thing she denied those three years that she lost her memory in the accident, forgetting people who mattered to her one day seemed unreal. Flashbacks always seemed like nightmares, chasing her everywhere. Alex didn't recognize her before but when he saw her at the café. He knew it was her, he figured that she didn't remember anything since the accident. So, he will meet her as he didn't know her before. He will try to start a new page with her and she will search about his past and why he left. Will she remember him? Is she going to know Alex's secret the one who pushed him out of this town?

Teen Fiction Not for children under 13.

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Chapter 1

"Lavi! Wake up,"


I heard my little sister waking me up, she huffed in annoyance and left my room. Minutes later and I heard her voice again.

"Lavi, look at this!" my sister said excitedly.

I opened my eyes in fear of what is she holding in her hands. I noticed the water gun already filled with water in her hands and a very wide smile on her face.

"Hey Saph, I'm awake now so there is no need to use that thing in your hands," I said, pointing at the water gun.

"I won't use it under one condition,"

"You buy me ice cream after school today," she continued, clasping her hands together.

"Okay you've got a deal," I said quickly.

She hurried out of my room with a big smile telling my mom about our deal.

A smile crept on my face, I love hearing her happy voice in the morning. Sapphire is my source of happiness after a gloomy day. She got our father's traits, her wide blue eyes, her blonde curly hair and her cheerful spirit just like him. I wiped my tears and picked up my phone to check the time.

"Shit! I'm going to be late." I jumped from my bed hurrying to the bathroom to do my morning routine.

Minutes later, I stood in front of my closet, I picked up a black hoodie and a pair of blue jeans. I finished dressing up and stared in the mirror at my reflection. I stared at my messy curly hair with wide open eyes.

I mentally cried, this hair can be hard to handle sometimes I swear; I mean one day it can be perfect the other day your hair will be looking like a bird nest.

I styled my hair in two space buns, I wore my glasses and took a last glance in the mirror, feeling satisfied with my look I left the room and headed down to the kitchen.

I saw mom checking our monthly bills and Sapphire eating her breakfast.

"Good morning mom," I said, kissing her forehead.

She patted my hand as I took a seat next to her. "Good morning dear, I made you breakfast." she smiled

"Thank you mother; I'm going to call Ruby until Sapphy finishes her breakfast," I said.

I called Ruby waiting for her to answer her phone, I took quick bites of my sandwich. I mentally curse Ruby for not answering her phone. I called her again and she answered this time.

"What do you want," I heard her angry sleepy voice.

"Good morning to you too Ruby," I said sarcastically.

"I'm going to pick you up at 7am sharp and please don't be late, I don't want any detentions," I said, begging her to stick to the agreed time.

"No promises because you know me Lavi. I'm fashionably late, "she said with a bored tone.

I swear I'm going to kick her ass when I see her.

"Then find another ride to school." I smirked.

I heard her huffing in annoyance.

She said after pausing for a minute. "You evil witch, fine! I'll be on time,"

"Okay, see you later." I hanged up, and dove into my food.

I finished my breakfast and I'm waiting for Sapphire to finish hers. She is a slow eater so patience is what I need.

"I've got some news," my mother words caught my attention. I lifted my eyes from the phone and looked at her.

She continued, clasping her hands together "Today is my last chemotherapy and the doctor said there is a good chance that the cancer will be gone,"

Tears filled my eyes from happiness I hugged my mother tightly and Saph hugged her copying me with giggles. One year ago, my mother found out that she had brain cancer, she did a surgery to get the tumour out and continued with chemotherapy. Now hearing that cruel disease might be gone is one of the best news I heard from the past two years.

"We're going to celebrate after the results come out," I said with a wide smile, wiping my tears with my hoodie sleeves.

"Okay, we will celebrate once they come out. Now hurry up to catch up school, you have an hour," mom said, looking at the wall clock.

"Let's go Sapphy" I said as I picked up my backpack and saph's backpack from the floor. I said goodbye to mom and left to the front yard.I unlocked the car, put Saph in her car seat and put our bags beside her, then I headed to the driver's seat and started the car. My first stop in the morning is the café then picking up Ruby.

Ten minutes later I parked the car in front of the café, I exited the car, telling Saph to stay in it. I made my way to the entrance and pushed the door open. I'm greeted with coffee smell and people's chattering. I smiled, heading to the person behind the cashier.

"Good morning Timothy." I teased.

He said with fake anger. "I told you my name is Tim or Timmy, and good morning to you too, Lavender,"

"Today is a packed house," I said with a smile, I looked at the people laughing and taking their morning coffees. This view makes me happy.

"Yeah, it is very busy today," he agreed with me.

I turned to face him, "You know the drill Timmy, you're in charge till I come back from school,"

"Sure, boss and here is a list of yesterday's earnings" he said, giving me a list, I checked it and slid it in my hoodie's pocket.

Timothy is my aunt's fiancé; he has been helping me for two years now in the café. My mom used to manage the café with the help of Timmy and me two years ago but her sickness disabled her. I manage the café at evening and night shifts while Timmy takes care of morning shift.

I said goodbye to Timothy and the rest of staff then leave. I made my way to the car and drove to Ruby's house.

I checked my watch and it read 7:10, I'm going to kill her when she comes. I tapped on the driving wheel impatiently.

"She is here!" Saph screamed from the back seat. I peaked out the window and saw her walking towards the car.

"finally, the queen decided to leave her palace," I said sarcastically.

Ruby entered the car with a wide smile. I decided that I will punch her after I drop Saph off at her school. No violence infront my baby sister.

"Good morning Sapphy," Ruby said with a cheerful tone.

"You are late ten minutes Ruby," I said through my gritted teeth.

She looked at me with a grin. "Your girl needed ten more minutes to fix her hair. I love your space buns and you look cute today," what's new with my outfit to make me look cute.

"Shut up till we reach school." I squinted my eyes.

"I won't shut up Lavi, now drive before we get late," she said, fixing her hair in the mirror.

"Could you two shut up, Lavi she told you that she needed time so accept it and move on," Saph yelled at us.

Ruby turned to Saph and high fived her, they both laugh so I ignored both of them and drove.

I dropped Saph at her school and I'm on my way to the high school. I glanced at Ruby and saw her texting someone.

"Who are you texting?" I asked, fixing my eyes on the road.

"I'm texting Luna, she is asking why are we late," Ruby said, staring at her phone.

"We are late because of someone right here," I said, narrowing my eyes at her. I turned my head and focused on the road once again.

"I'm sorry okay, I promise I will be fast next time" she said.

"Apology accepted now tell Luna five minutes and we will arrive, and tell her to wait for us at the parking lot," I said as I realized we are close to school.

"Done!" she said, turning off her phone.

Minutes later, I parked the car in the school's parking lot. Ruby and I exited the car and made our way to Luna.

"Hello girls." she grinned.

I hugged her then pulled back. "Hey Luna."

"Are they here yet?" Ruby asked Luna.

"Who are you talking about?" I asked both of them.

Ruby patted Luna's shoulder. "Well Luna here told me that there are new students, and they are really good looking" Ruby said with dreamy eyes. "You both are being stupid" I told them, rolling my eyes.

Roaring sound of a motorcycle engine breaking the silence, Alex River parks his motorcycle, he took off his helmet and ran his hand through his hair, winking at a group of girls. His friends surround him, then they walk together towards the building in a triangle.

"His hair is everything," Ruby said.

"Ruby you're drooling right now," I looked at her with disgust.

"Well he is like a Greek god, Ruby," Luna agreed with her.

"What is your first period?" I asked changing their subject cause they won't shut up.

"Maths." Ruby sighed.

Luna checked her period table, "English, what about you Lavi?"

"English too, let's go to our lockers I need to get my English books. "I smiled. We left the parking area and head to our lockers.

"I'm left alone in this hell." Ruby wiped her fake tears.

"You deserve it, are you guys coming to the café after school?" I asked them, opening my locker, I brought my English books out and slammed the locker shut with a low thud.

"I have a date tonight in an unknown place," Luna smiled then narrowed her eyes at Ruby.

Ruby walked slowly and stood in front of Luna, she rested her hands on Luna's shoulder, making Luna and me stare at her.

Suddenly She started shaking Luna by the shoulders violently, asking about her date. I laughed at her while Luna called for my help. I decided to help Luna as couple of students stared at us, judging of course for Ruby's loud voice.

"Ruby you are drawing people's attention," I said as I tried to pull her away from Luna.

"I want to know her secret date, how dare you Lulu not telling me about your date." she pouted.

"One word, You are insane; I didn't tell you because of some reasons and your craziness is one of them," Luna mumbled.

"Yeah and stalking is also one of them, remember Ruby you stalked her ex and scared the crap out of him for months" I said, looking at her. She started to giggle then laughed.

Anyone passing by us now will think she lost her mind and went insane.

Her laughs started to cool down, then she wiped the tears from her eyes and looked at us. "He deserved it, no one makes my dear Lulu sad." she smiled.

Then she continued, "But I know your secret date Lulu." she smirked.

The bell rang, cutting Ruby off and students walked to their classes, Luna and I left Ruby cursing her luck and headed to our class. We entered the class before the teacher and sat in the fourth row in the left corner of the class. Students started to fill the class then the teacher entered, silence is the master of the room, this is going to be fun as the jocks entered the class infront of the teacher's angry gaze.

"Welcome dear students, I'm Ms. Watson and I'm your English teacher for this year." she smiled.

She looked really young for the position of a high school teacher.

"Ms. Watson, how old are you?" One of the jerks decided to ask her making the class laugh. They are idiots.

"I'm 24, yeah I may look young for this position but I can handle a couple of senior students and some people like you, mister?" she said confidently, asking for his name.

The class became silent watching their teacher reacting to the jock who disrespected her. He stood up, smiling at Ms. Watson.

"Galvin Kingstone," he answered.

"Mr. Kingstone you have detention after school for disrespecting your teacher, I hope you have fun there, you may sit down" she said with a wide smile. He sat down with a shocked face, his friends started chuckling at him followed by the class.

She shushed the class. "Now, partner up with your classmate beside you and read page 30" she said while taking a seat behind her desk.


I stood in the parking lot, waiting for Ruby and Luna. Terrible first day may I say, after the first period everything went downhill. I didn't have any periods common with Ruby or Luna, and I have a project with one of the stupid jocks. Perfect start at my first day, I mentally screamed.

"From earth to Lavi, do you copy?" Ruby said, waving her hands in front of my eyes.

"Bad day I see, let's go pick up little Saph and head to the café" she said, I unlocked my car letting us in and started driving to Saph's school, Ruby's voice broke the silence.

"Lulu, is Charles McCarty your secret date?" she smirked.

Luna looked shocked then she tried to act natural. I glanced at Ruby beside me who is laughing like an evil witch. This girl has lost her mind.

"How did you know Ruby?" I chimed in.

"So it is true." she screamed excitedly. I mentally facepalmed myself.

"How did you find out, you're a genius" Luna said, mocking her friend's excitement.

"I found him mouthing you something during lunch period, wasn't hard to realize that you two have something" she said, looking at Luna who is sitting at the back seat with a mockingly smile.

"Don't you dare and stalk him Ruby" I said, warning about her stupid acts.

"Are you texting him now?" Ruby asked Luna, ignoring my warning.

"No, I'm ignoring your greatest discoveries" she said with a fake smile.

I stopped the car hard in front of Saph's school, which made Ruby nearly bump her head. I exited the car, leaving her cursing me. I searched for my sister and see her talking with a little girl. I make my way to her.

"Hey Saph, let's go" I called her, Saph hugged her friend and waved goodbye to her, then she ran to me, I picked her up in my arms and listened to her talking about her school day on our way back to the car.
I put Saph in her car seat, I walked to the driver seat and drove to Luna's house.

"I had fun today, Lavi. I made new friends and got a star in maths period," Saph said with her usual cheerful spirit.

"That's great, so is that girl back there is one of your friends?" I asked her.

"Yeah, her name is Rory, she shared a cookie with me in lunch time" she said excitedly.

"See Luna sharing food with people brings you a friend" Ruby said with a chuckle, keeping her eyes at the phone.

"Can you please stop your stupid fights." I begged them as I pulled off at Luna's house, it's not that far from Saph's school just a couple minutes drive.

Luna opened the door and stoodd infront of mine. "I ask one thing from you Lavi, Don't tell Ruby anything." she narrowed her eyes at Ruby

"Yeah, whatever." I rolled my eyes at their childish act. Luna walked to her home and I drove to the café. I feel like I'm an Uber but this is me everyday.

"You know why I'm interested about her date?" Ruby broke the silence.

"Yeah because Charles is from the popular kids and he is friends with the jocks, you are afraid that he is going to break Luna's heart," I said, She nods in agreement.

I glanced at her with a smile. "Charles is a good guy, he won't break her heart and if he did, you can stalk him down," I told her with a chuckle, trying to convince her. I dealt with him couple of times, this guy can't hurt any girl's feelings, so he is perfect for Luna. She is the softie one in our group and he won't hurt her, I'm sure of it or he will face Ruby.

Minutes later, I pulled off in front of the café, we got out of the car and I went to help Saph out of her car seat, i got her backpack and locked the car. Ruby entered the café without us as I still didn't do my deal from this morning.

I kneeled to Saph's eye level. "Let's get you ice cream as promised, Sapphy," I said with a wide smile.

I straightened my posture"Yay, finally I thought you forgot." she squealed, I held her hand in mine. We walked to the ice cream van and got her favourite ice cream then we made our way back to the café.

"Your mother called me, she ordered me to drive Saph home," Timothy said as we entered. I put her bag by an empty table And Sapphire sat on the chair with her ice cream in her hands, waiting for Tim to change.

"She texted me, thanks Tim. Go change and I will take it from here," I said as I walked to the kitchen to get my apron.

"Take care okay?" He said, I turned to face him and nodded with a smile.

He walked to Saph and picked up her backpack. "Alright, let's go munchkin. Bye Lavi." he walked out with Saph, and now I'm left behind to do work.

"It's work time, baby." Ruby cheered, starting to do the customer's orders. I wore my apron and walked behind the cashier.

She is excited more than me. Ruby and Luna help me often with the café after school when they're free, today I'm left with Ruby. Well, as she said it's work time now and customers are going to flood in her soon.


Hope you enjoyed the first chapter of the story. This is my first story to write, I have always been the reader type and writing for the first time is a new experience.

Note that English isn't my first language, so there will be few grammatical mistakes.

Till next part, dear readers.

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