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As soon as I get home

The funeral home's door opened, a man in suit asked to see the different coffins. The salesman showed him, one by one, and before the man left he asked who it was for.

– My wife.

– My condolences.

– She is so full of life and love, so full of grace...

Is, you say? Hasn't she passed away yet?

The man smiled.

– As soon as I get home.

Jan. 9, 2020, 1:48 p.m. 2 Report Embed Follow story
The End

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C Clark Carbonera “A utopia está lá no horizonte. Me aproximo dois passos, ela se afasta dois passos. Caminho dez passos e o horizonte corre dez passos. Por mais que eu caminhe, jamais alcançarei. Para que serve a utopia? Serve para isso: para que eu não deixe de caminhar.” Fã de carteirinha de Buffy - The Vampire Slayer.

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EC Edmond Chronic
Wow so funny and nice
January 11, 2020, 16:26