When four friends join a camp in Denmark, their life will never be the same. A camp with a past, no one want to believe it and a teacher with special talents. But who´s the disappeared boy, everyone is talking about? And what happened in the last year when the camp was starting?

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"And you're really sure you don't want to go to the party?" Rewinside asked, leaning back in his chair. He was sitting next to his best friend Rotpilz, of course they are not really called that. They are actually called Sebastian and Felix, but the two have been calling themselves since the establishment of their YouTube channels and are already very well known under the two names.

"No, what should I do there?" Rotpilz grimaced. He wasn't the type for parties and hated being too many people. His perfect weekend was on the sofa or in front of the PC but not at a party.

"But EVERYONE really goes there!" Rewi protested and leaned forward again when Mr. Bergmann, the class teacher, glanced in the direction of the two with an angry look.

"I hardly know anyone here and I don't want to have anything to do with all the idiots!" Rotpilz looked back at the board. Like most, he didn't understand a word of what was on the board. Why did everyone want him to come to the party? Why don't you understand that he just didn't feel like it?

"Sometimes I really don't understand you. You just go from one day to the next Rewi shook his head. Sometimes he didn't understand his best friend and he didn't want to ask any more.

"Felix! Sebastian! I ask you to have your conversations during the break and not during my lessons!" Mr. Bergmann stood directly in front of her table and looked at the two annoyed.

"I would like to point this out to you all again. You haven't been talking about anything else since this week, also in other classes, but if the lessons at the school continue to be disturbed due to an upcoming party, then I see myself forced on Saturday, when the party rises, let them detain! " Mr. Bergmann strolled elegantly back to the table. that had been sitting. No one disrupted the lessons in the next hour, and when the bell finally rang, Rotpilz was happy to have escaped from Mr. Bergmann's lessons for today.

On the school playground, Rewi and Rotpilz met their friends Patrick (Paluten) and Felix von der Laden (Dner). The two went into another class and also had a YouTube channel that was already very successful. The school, which was mainly run and taught by Mr. Bergmann, Mr. Gronkh and Mr. Sarazar, was a school, especially for young YouTube beginners. It originated from a project a long time ago and currently had three classes with 10 students each. "So how about you? Are you ready for the weekend?" Patrick smiled at the group and bit into his sandwich. Patrick belonged to a very rich family, yes he was one of the rich students. Many envied him for it, but Patrick was not about money, for him it was enough to be in a place where he could hang out with his friends.

"I can't wait to finally be at the party of the year!" Felix von der Laden screamed enthusiastically and attracted the attention of the guys from Apecrime. The boys, also called Apes, were not very popular with Rotpilz's friends. They were among the people that Red Mushroom did not need in his life, or could use at all. They were in love themselves, only had eyes for themselves as a group and always wore new clothes that one thought they lived in a fashion store.

"What did I hear there? You flat plums want to go to the party!" Andre, the largest of the Apes, laughed himself broken and his two friends Jan and Cengiz joined in.

"I didn't even know that H&M had access?" Rewi released one of his unspoken sayings and caught an outraged and angry look from Andre.

"Better not be so cheeky you'd like to be a hero!" Andre came dangerously close to Rewi and was only a few centimeters away from Rewi's face when Mr. Bergmann came out of the building and talked loudly on the cell phone. When he saw Andre, he took his cell phone from his ear for a brief moment and glared at Andre. He wasn't good to speak of the Apes either. They were among the people who permanently disturbed his lessons and had fun making fun of the teachers at the school.

"Mr. Schiebler! LET IT BE WHATEVER YOU'RE GOING! LET IT BE!" Mr. Bergmann screamed the words almost formally and pointed menacingly to the entrance of the building in which the teacher's room was located.

"I see you and you´re friends after the break in front of the staff room and woe I see them out here again for today!" and with these words Mr. Bergmann returned to his cell phone and disappeared into the parking lot. Rewi smiled at Andre with a crooked grin.

"You know how much I hate the guy!" snapped Andre and gave to his friends a sign, then they pulled off and disappeared into the building.

"Mr. Bergmann is really cool! One of the best teachers here!" Patrick looked at the parking lot, where the young teacher was walking up and down next to his sports car.

"Really! He has real talent, not just as a teacher!" Felix said from the shop and reached into his jacket pocket. He pulled up a piece of paper and suddenly looked seriously at the others.

"But I think there will be a time that we won't find so cool!" and with these words he opened the note and pressed Rotpilz into his hand.

"What's this?" asked Rotpilz confused and looked into the depressed faces of Patrick and Felix.

"We received that from Mr. Gronkh today. It is a flyer from a camp to which he want to send us!" Patrick explained and looked down.

"He said that it was a great opportunity for us young people, young beginners, to meet the right people who have been involved with YouTube for a long time. The whole thing should take about 24 days and start this weekend. After the party, so Sunday Tomorrow, we should come to school and then we'll all go there together! " now Felix looked down too.

"But they can't just send us there, right?" Rewi wanted to know but Patrick shook his head.

"It looks like we have no choice!" At that moment Mr. Bergmann ran past them again.

"Come on! The doorbell rang or do you want to be late for class?" he asked the four boys and raised an eyebrow.

"How was that? He is one of the" cool "teachers here?" Rewi hissed at Felix and Patrick and let out an annoyed tone before running after the young teacher.

"Yes, yes, you're right!" Patrick murmured and followed his friends back into the building.

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To be continued... New chapter Every Friday.

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