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-is about a cat called Sami (or Sammy) his 16 years old and is he/him -about the cover is made on fire alpaca in 8 layers and there is sammy and the japanese latter translate is seen it the name of the series too,oh and made with the laptop's touchpad of cuorse.

Drama Not for children under 13.
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(chapter 1: family and tragedy)

sammy was a persian cat who had a brother he adopted who was gustavo (from i lost all) and sammy didn't have many friends in college just a few because he's bi-polar.

but he heard some stories that his species had once fought with a dark side that was siberian cats, but he ignores.and one day he meets a half gray black siberian cat that his name was Eva and then he fell in love, when he gets home he tells gustavo, who had a friendship with catyner.

sammy: is it normal to fall in love with someone?

Gustavo: Yes. . . It is very normal.

sammy: really?

* Gustavo shakes his head yes *

sammy: and now. . . What do we do?

Gustavo: I don't know, I just know I'm sleepy.

sammy: oh. . . okay, and then let's get some rest.

and the two rested.

The other day Sammy talks to Eva and the two had the idea to go out together without anyone.

On the day they went to the park and they got to know each other better and ended up dating.

but one day Eva ends up cheating on Sammy by killing him and leaving some of her dark part to him and she kills herself.

when Sammy wakes up a little weird and comes home and is very quiet and Gustavo is worried but he doesn't ask anything.

At dawn Sammy feels stranger and goes out and ends up turning somber.

" -some mouhts later gust is killed by killers and catyner thinks.
Catyner: no way,my two friends is died,oh no!
-and then catyner kills two more old friends and the survivors flee.
just matt "

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To be continued...

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