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This story is not real,please,don't take it seriously,discord is safe,well,not really safe,still it's controlled by admin's.

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The unknown discord user "-04.02.2017-"

My name is Mark,I live in U.S.A,I'm 13 years old and I'm a gamer. My story starts here.

When I was 10 I found a application for gamers where you can chat,talk,make friends...etc. It was called "Discord". I was there trying to make new friends, luckily I found 4 friends, they liked the same game has me (Roblox),everyday,we where always meeting at 4:90 and we played every single Roblox game. It was so much fun playing with them,better than my school friends. One day,I found a mysterious user,he was called "-04.02.2017-",he had that creepy looking image,the "Teletubbies",but they where at a unknown place,it looked like some mans where wearing them,and I looked at his username again 4/2/2017,I noticed that today was 26/1/2017,I wanted to talk to my online friend about this,but,when I looked at "Friends online",that user was in my friends list,I was shocked,I turned off my computer and went to bed. Next day,I turned on my computer again,I had this gut,to talk to that mysterious user.

-"Who are you?"-

I waited 45 minutes,finally,he answered.

-"You're next"-

Then,he sent me a image where a woman was tortured in cold blood,she had all her nails ripped off,she was covered in blood,crying for help.

-"What the F..k man!"-

Then I called the police,I told everything that happened,after a few minutes,the police came,I told them again what happened,they immediately started to search that woman,but,they never found her. Days passed and I was so scared that,that day actually came.

The day came,I was sitting infront of the computer with my blanket on my head,I was staring at that (freak in) image of the teletubbies,I wrote a lot of messages to my online friend,they were hoping that nothing bad happened to me,after a few hours,I heard someone knocking on the door,I started crying,because I knew that it was the creepy teletubbies,I felt that my room was getting darker everytime the knocking was louder and harder,after,the knocking stopped,I heard an axe that was cutting the door,he entered,I thought I was hopeless,I started to cry in my bed,he went upstairs and search all the rooms,he got finally at mines,and I heard a familiar voice.

-"Put your hands up!"-

It was the cops,they actually found the woman,she heard the man talking about going to a house,luckily she was found after the man left his base,the man was arrested immediately. I couldn't thank the woman enough,she saved my life! I'll never use Discord again,but I still chat with my online friends frecuently,I always go out with my "real" friends. I'll never forget that man and what he has done.

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The End

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ST Sanskruti Thakur
The story line was just awesome I think if it wasn't a short tale then it would have very interesting to read new chapters. But seriously this story was just awesome.
September 16, 2020, 03:31
Nataly Calderón Nataly Calderón
good tale.
September 15, 2020, 15:32