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It's just a love story with a shit ton of drama

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The day we meet

"The fucking bastard broke our deal again" I slightly yell at one of my many siblings.

"Cheshire, sis, calm down" Ember, my younger sister, said as she lays down on her master's couch.

"It's just he does this every time he gets mad at me" I say moving to sit up from my spot on the floor.

"But wasn't it his fault this time" Ember asks.

I nod, slightly stretch, and shift back into my hell hound form.

"Master knows how he is. He's let you stay here before, he'll do it again. My master respects hounds and says no one should treat a hell hound like that" Ember says yawning.

I sigh and lay my head on my paws as I listen to my sisters breathing as it slows.

"Hopefully Baren gets here soon. He'll help me" I think.

I close my eyes and decide to follow my sisters lead and sleep for a bit.

I feel a clawed hand on my head. I twitch slightly and open my eyes. I see Baren up with Ember and a demon I don't know. This demon is petting me. I lift my head knocking his hand off.

"Baren it's been awhile" I say and bow my head.

"Ches I heard what happen. I'm sorry but he'll be coming here later so your going with my friend, and "his" brother, Marax until things calm down and you can go home" Baren says and I nod in understanding.

I lay my head in his lap.

"That's her giving you her consent to pet her" Baren laughs slightly waking Ember.

Marax starts to pet me and I begin to purr which surprises him.

"She purrs. I've never heard a hell hound purr" Marax says.

"She's special. That's why your bother wants her under his command. First hell hound in forever to be born with a smile. She's always smiling and rarely never smiles" Baren says watching me carefully.

I check Marax out, I mean I maybe a hell hound but I still am female. I hear a low chuckle coming from him.

"Your thoughts aren't exactly quiet" I hear a voice in my head.

I look at him.

"I think my brother will be here soon" Marax says moving to get up and I move as well to follow.

I nod at Baren then look to my sister who has fallen back to sleep.

"Come on unless you want to see my brother" Marax says waiting at the door and I walk to him.

It's a decent walk to his house.

"You can sleep anywhere you want even my bed, just make yourself comfortable" He says.

I look at him slightly confused. I move closer to him to get his smell and he pats my head.

"I have somethings to do so I have to go soon" Marax says as he scratches behind my ears.

I begin to purr loving the attention. Marax stops and walks over to his couch. He pats the spot next to him.

"I have sometime before I have to leave" Marax says.

I walk over and sit on the floor.

"I'm not aloud on the furniture" I say looking down.

Marax stands up and easily picks me up to set me on the couch then sits back down. I'm slightly worried but relax as soon as Marax pets me. I lay my head down on his lap and close my eyes. I hear a chuckle as I slowly fall asleep.

When I wake up Marax is gone. He hasn't been gone that long either. I get up off his couch and shift back to human form. I walk around looking for his room. It doesn't take to long because his room has the strongest smell. As I walk in I notice a mirror along the wall. I look at my reflection. My skin is pale, my dark purple hair is long, I'm skinny but have an hourglass figure, I'm wearing my usual outfit (a gift from the royal pain in the ass aka my deal breaking master), it's got a purple bodess with black lace, the skirt part of it is a very ruffly martial of the same colors but it shows off a lot of leg, plus black netted lace gloves.

"Why did I have to be the lucky one" I ask aloud sarcastically.

I shake my head and decide to look around the room. He doesn't have much. He's got a closet, a side table, and a bed. I move to sit on his bed. His smell is really strong plus the smell of blood. That's when i realize I haven't eaten in a few hours. I'm nervous to go through his kitchen so I decide to wait on him to get back. I end up falling asleep again.

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To be continued... New chapter Every 10 days.

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