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For Mary

Mary, Dear

I hope everything's going well

Remember we got into Die Antwoord, but * you've probably passed them up by now (?)

My beautiful brownie jewel, my sweet, * sweet honey that every time I taste * that succulent face with my eyes they burst in rapture

I want you to know I love you, * and I hope you accept this gift * as a token of friendship

What a gorgeous soul you are * who stays grounded and humble, yet * you're so grandiose

You are like my heart, and each pump * spreads you into my veins and * they burst, but without pain

I know I've given you poems before, but this is one * you can add to your accumulation

A girl with swagg, if that means anything

The baddest one from the Meridian to the west

How's the weather? ha, it's warm here

My mind just goes all over the place * and I worry about you, but I want to take care of you

This distance is a pain

So I just wrote to say * you are family to me

I'll be visiting one day, * or maybe you'll come to me

Love from the highest place! Oh so high

* for Mary

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The End

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