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Alma the Witch has read much about Alora from her home in the Crystal Forrest, but now she had the chance to explore Alora for her own.

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The land of Alora was vast.

To the North was the vast mountains where the sun always rose up first, lighting the land of Alora. This was where more of the tribes were, living in harmony alongside of nature. While they were rather wary of outsiders, they were very friendly once they warmed up to you.

To the East was the ocean that went as far as the eye could see, filled with millions of life ranging from the merfolk to the smallest of fish that filled the imposing ocean. Near the shore was the Coral Forrest where the Merfolks lived. However, at the end of the ocean were dangerous whirlpools and storms that raged on continuously, threatening anyone that came to near.

To the South was the dangerous lands where the largest mountain where at the very top the rumored Hollen the Mage lived. To reach the mountain one would have to travel through the thick forestry, through the dry desert, and climb up the mountains and to the icy terrain to reach his humble home. It was also where the sun would always end, giving way to the night.

And finally to the West was where most of the humans lived, most living in three great kingdoms that once came from the Ancient Brother's empire. There was the Kingdom of Lavea, the Kingdom of Tarok, and the Kingdom of Vaze. The people here, while living in rivalry, also lived in harmony as they pushed themselves towards the future.

This was the land of Alora, and flying high above the clouds gazing down at her beloved land was Alma the Adventurous Witch, along with her sleeping companion Wind, a blue winged dragon, secure inside of the warmth of her pockets as he was still too young to fly.

Alma smiled excitedly to herself, looking around the land from her spot above and wondered where she should travel to first.

"The beach." Alma decided after a long pause. "I shall go to the beach! You've never been to the beach before, right Wind?"

Wind simply let out small blue flames, snorting.

"Alright Wind, to the beach it is! It's very warm there, maybe you can find a nice, warm sand pile to bury yourself in! And maybe we can meet with my friend, Nane."

Wind let out squeak of excitement.

Patting Wind's small head with a finger, Alma leaned forward to fly towards the beach. Her expression beaming with excitement for the adventures ahead.

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