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Mountains and flying me! ...

I dig the ditch I climb the tree

To bury then hang over my burial box

Peace and war! What you want from us?

But it's war that we see

The peace on hiatus on spree

I run ever slow but quickly

Running to see your eyes

They are dampened and romp

Over marshes and swamp

Darkness on what I'm fed

Darkness what you woman wore wed

Or maybe on the wrong side of bed

You girl with those eyes you fled

Open that mouth let me feel the teeth

Open your words so you may speak

From here the future looks so blank,

I told my sweet Bird ...

But she laughed and smacked me by hand

I love you enough as a friend, Wrist Band

That's what she called me, "Wrist Band"

Because I possessed so many behind my hand

And the one spelled "Joy" that my old girl gave

Had left my arm into the grave

So I joined it filled with juices of her

Surround my body with the fluid of hers

Like those lines it's all so blurred

But I drowned in those fluids ironically

I love you friend! she told to me

But you want too much, I heard her say

Blonde of hair and eyes of grey

Fluff my feathers just a bit

So that I can fly and I can flit

Liberate me in a way literate

She said this and I lost my shit

I'll let you fly but hold down your feet

So that I can keep you bound ...

We flew so high and what I found

Her legs dismembered and her arms fell free

She soaked into the sky red plums for her sunrise

All that was left was a heart that's for me

Until now it beats its wings wise and free

It whispered its bad capabilities

And when the heart began to fly

Try! I said, My lovely, try!

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The End

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