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The Memoirs Of An Imper'fect Angel is a story of a young girl growing up in the Middle East going through physical and mental abuse while trying to maintain her sanity, survive & take care of her little brother all while fighting wars in her country and in her home. At once humorous and disturbing, The Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel is a coming of age story of Of In love a girl has for her family despite the struggles presented by her struggled childhood and youth.

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Childhood In A Polygamist Hebrew Israelite Community

Living in Israel with my stepdad, 4 moms, 10 sisters and 7 brothers in a polygamist family and community was an experience of a lifetime. Growing up in the African Hebrew Israelite community was not always fun times, it was more rough and sad times than happy, I remember like it was yesterday, looking back at how the community seemed very political, surrounded by so many people including my family and still feeling so alone, unhappy and empty. Because my parents weren't part of the leadership in the community me and my siblings got crumbs, always got left out, mistreated and couldn’t speak up because kids wasn’t heard at all and was always left by the sidelines.

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