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A short poem about returning from Costa Rica, land of beautiful blue butterflies

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Down I floated, in a misty dream,
Sinking from the heavens on butterfly wings.
Dust rising to cling to blue-striped wings,
In the early morning air,
Songs of whippoorwills and the call of the trees,
Still echoing in my dreams.
Down I floated, to the Earth below,
The sky bellowing in flashes,
Like drops of rain, falling on butterfly wings.

June 6, 2019, 2:27 a.m. 3 Report Embed Follow story
The End

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Ruscena Wiederholt "And what is good... And what is not good, Need we ask anyone to tell us these things?” - Robert Pirsig

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Aleah Kate Lozada Aleah Kate Lozada
Wow...breath taking really. I could read a whole collection. :)
April 07, 2021, 23:37