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We spin and spin around what is outside

From time to time we stop to look inside

In silence, the silence talks to us

But what we are looking for is not only for us

The answer is found not by the chosen

But for the ones who can understand

That without the others we cannot stand

Love in all the forms can set us free

If you stop spinning you can see it too

Maybe for once we can agree

That my soul is connected to you

My soulmate, my son, my family, my friend

Whoever you are, that connection will see no end.


We love to make bubbles to protect our dreams, our desires and hopes.

But after a while we take care more of the bubbles than what is inside.

The time we spend protecting them trough the highs and lows.

Avoiding the needles, we forget to get inspired.

Instead of escaping the needles we should reach for one

To set the warms free so they become butterflies

Maybe we will be surprised of what we have won

Not our dreams, desires or hopes.. It's us who must fly.


Prepare for the fall

Prepare for the end of everything

Prepare for the dark sun

Prepare for the night

Only when the sunset is coming we get ready for the sunrise

To see the leaves falling down, let us think not only what is ending,

But what is coming.

The Moon let us rest, so the morning sun help us rise

Sunset, the moment, the time that we are not prepared for

But the one that defines where we are going to.

Where we came from...

The moment to think about... and regret...and be greatfull

be quiet, scream, or just ignore it so we don't have to see it..

What we have done, what we missed, what we lost, what we won...


Prepare for the rise

Prepare for the beginning of everything

Prepare for the bright sun

Prepare for the day.

The Otherside

Everything has two sides,

I never thought that life would be that wise

Newton told us in 3 simple laws

Budha tought us to overcome our flaws

Jesus lived and died for it

Artists have represented it in thousands ways

My parents tried to warn me about it

But I fell for it any way

If we look it like a coin

We have to think forward

We have to look backwards

The river will flow and will wash everything

But notice...will take away anything

Love will help us see the best of someone

On the other-side you may no see beyond that one

Giving all of you will make the best version of you

But on the other-side it was not enough for you.

On one side I had to let you go

on the other-side I have once again, my soul.


That day was the 9th day...

The 9th time...

1 for the power

2 for the company

3 for the journey

4 for the family

6 for the plan

7 for the party

8 for the learning

That day was the 9th day...

The 9 time...

9 for.....

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To be continued...

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