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"Once in a lifetime you meet someone who loves you wholly, cherishes you like you are the only one and worships the ground you walk. Mate. The person who can sell his soul for you." ▪▪▪ Veronica Richards is an eminent and distinctive individual. She is a werewolf. Albeit, she is not your ordinary, mediocre wolf. She is the queen of the Werewolves Realm, graced with exceptional abilities: unconventional and different from anything seen or known before. Nonetheless, it is pretty much decipherable that a Queen needs a king by her side. And that applies to Veronica, as well. She has waited for her mate for extensive years that elapsed in spirited hope, but he never came. Until one day when he walks in, sinfully gorgeous Daniel Parker, the air that embraces him reeks of supremacy. He holds the aura of a king, but grievously, he turns out to be the Vampire King. Despite it being insanely impossible, they are deemed mates. Will she accept him? Or to say, will he accept her regardless of the nonexistence of mates in the vampires' dictionary? Altogether, the decisions and choices that shall shape them for the rest of their lives lay upon the mercy of their hands. And therein arises the biggest question: Why has fate brought them together when their paths should have never crossed?

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Chapter 1

The day was no different from all other days, quite exhausting. I had completed almost all my work, well, except the important papers which were still awaiting me on my office desk from past two weeks. I had been lazy enough to ignore them, but I suddenly received a letter from the council members for a meeting to report to them about my world, which made me determined to rush my pending work before friday.

I have always been very responsible and honest with my work and people. I have never underestimated them. They are, and will always be, a part of my life, even if they aren't genetically my own.

My parents were the king and queen of the werewolf world. They had been loved by everyone for who they were, but they wanted a break from their duties. Perhaps why, on my eighteenth birthday, I was declared as the Werewolf Queen, and two days later, my parents were found dead.

Nobody knew how they died, if they were murdered, or why they were outside at past midnight.

Their death was entirely my fault.

The Moon Goddess had blessed her children- the queen and king of werewolves, vampires, demons and witches that no matter how many times or ways somebody tried to kill them, they would never die until after they left their royal position. If I hadn't become the queen, my parents would still be alive, by my side, my pillar.

I had cried for years blaming myself. Heck, even now I cry every night. Not a single day has passed where I don't feel the grief of their loss. It's like a stab to my heart.

The werewolves didn't take their death easily- they mourned for months. They, with reason, blamed me for it. They were against me from the beginning because they wanted my brother, who is five years older than me, to be the king. Originally, that was the plan, but my birth changed many arrangements.

A werewolf's first shift happens when they are eight years old, yet I shifted when I was five years old, which was unusual and perplexing, especially to my family. My five-year wolf looked bigger than my brother's ten-year wolf. He was a black wolf with brown eyes; whereas I was a pure white wolf with blue eyes just like my father. My dad started to reconsider his decision about my brother inheriting the throne. He was confused, stressed and indecisive, but as soon as I was fifteen my dad was confident of his choice to make me the queen.

I possessed many powers which a king or a queen of werewolf should have. I could easily detect if a person was lying or being truthful, heal others, and sense people's emotions, but I was gifted with a new power that nobody had seen or heard of before. Looking at the person's eyes and holding their hand, I could see the reason behind their emotions in their eyes, like a motion picture. I could see straight into their soul.

In the werewolf world, no one knew about my powers and my wolf; they didn't know I was exactly like my dad with white fur. They disliked me as their Queen because I, a woman, had been chosen over a male as the heir of the kingdom.

For two years, danger and problems became a common threat to me. The people of my world would disobey my rules, threaten to kill me even when they knew it was futile, and glare at me in disgust. My cousin had once tried to kill me. She came into my room while I was asleep and injected me with wolfsbane and silver- a deadly combination that results in death. When I awoke in the morning, I was bound to my bed with a chain. My whole body was stiff. Luckily, my inheritance of the throne made me powerful, enough for me to be able to break through the chain and heal quickly and efficiently. I knew my cousin didn't like me as her queen, but I never expected her to stoop low.

Things soon changed. The opinions of the werewolves altered, and they were finally pleased with the way I ruled and the laws I made. They accepted me as their queen, but it did take some time. After realizing that I was as strong as my father and as generous as my mother, with powers which only a werewolf queen should have, they accepted me, and now, we were a family.

During my difficult journey, my brother was always there for me. He didn't care if I was the queen because he knew that I was meant to be. He accepted it wholeheartedly from the day my father declared me as the queen. My brother is an irreproachable man with a beautiful mate and a three year old son.

I should have a mate, too. A queen always needs a king by her side, but my case wasn’t so.

I am mateless, not because I haven't looked for him but because I haven’t found him yet. I went Mate hunting when I was seventeen. It was a young age, but my father insisted since I was to be the queen after a year. I had gone to all the 485 packs with my warrior cum bodyguards. I searched for a long time from one pack to another, but I couldn't find the intoxicating scent. I couldn't see any mesmerizing man. I couldn't feel the pull towards anybody.

I went back home, disappointed, but I didn't lose hope. I always thought maybe, just maybe, he was somewhere, but I can’t see or feel him. He would come to me when the time was right.

My parents were sad, but they didn't show it. They would always try to lift my spirits. I remember my dad's words: "No worries, sweetie. You can handle the whole wereworld just by yourself."

Five years had passed since the death of my parents and my coronation. It had been six years since I went Mate hunting and didn't get any sign of my mate, but now I didn't mind not having one. I had my people, my friends, my brother and my work to focus on.

A small part of me still longed for my mate because then life would have been so much easier. I knew I had multiple people who cared for me, who loved me, but the emptiness within me only called for my mate. If he was with me, I could have cried in his arms. He would've made me happy, made me smile the real veronica smile that had disappeared years ago, made me feel beautiful, looked at me as if I was the most precious thing, supported me, helped me and would always be there for me. But it was all just if.

I was in my room, lying on the bed, with numerous thoughts occupying my mind. I couldn't sleep because of my nightmares, which had been my companion for the past eight years but I could rest for few hours. After all, I was expected to attend a meeting tomorrow.

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