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Josh, her friends - Sam, Mike, Emily, Matt, Jessica, Chris and Ashley - returned to their homestay where a year ago their sisters died after a Hannah joke involving Mike. Josh records his fun and his time on video for his therapist. Along the way, things change again with the group, and when tensions grow between the members of the group when one begins to behave strangely. A series of events designed for incident opponents attack the seven friends.

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The Blackwood Files: TRAILER

(Sam) You need to listen to me i don't care if. You believe me or not doesn't matter because you will you need to go down into the mines. I've seen what's down there. I'd give anything to unsee it - Sam said to the policeman in front of him in that small interrogation room.

(Ash) here comes as a home movie.
(Criss) yes - says chris holding the camera - come with me or you know the future of the generation

in february 2015, 8 teenagers travelled to a remote ski lodge in the blackwood mountains.

Only four would come back alive. The events of that night were never truly determined.

piecing together found footage, we attempt to uncover the truth.

(Josh) Okay, come on. My name is josh washington. I'm 20 years old, I quit the filmmaker's college. If you're running, sit down and get ready to come straight. It's my story. I'm here to scare my friends, my friends. - he says, smiling.

Get ready for the night ... Of the terror that is to come.

SURVIVE until dawn.

survive until the reinforcement comes, this is the time to play kill.

be a survivor ... and do not trust him.

it's time to play the game of death.

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To be continued... New chapter Every Saturday.

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