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Early Childhood Education Career

There is a very broad range of early childhood education career possibilities. Training in early childhood education could enable a person to work either inside or outside of schools & either directly or indirectly with children, depending on the person’s interest. If you want to to work in childhood education sphere Resume Editing Services by can help you with your resume and cover letter.

Whether you have training in early childhood education and are looking for job possibilities, or whether you’re deciding what to study and want to know about career possibilities in the early childhood education field, read on for examples of possible career options:

Certified Teacher

Certified teachers work with children in a formal educational setting. Certification usually requires a bachelor’s degree, as well as additional licensing requirements that vary by state.

Teaching Assistant

Teaching assistants may work with children in a formal or informal educational environment. Typically teaching assistants have an associate’s degree or certificate in early childhood education.

Childcare Worker/Nanny

Working with children in either a daycare center, in-home daycare, or nanny capacity allows one to work with children without working in a public school. Depending on the setting & employer, a certificate or associate’s degree may be required, but it is also possible to perform these jobs without any formal certification. Some form of training in early childhood education would be beneficial for these positions to help educate children in the most age-appropriate way.

Childcare Program Director/Administrator

Those looking to advance in their early childhood education careers could pursue becoming a director or administrator. This could be at a daycare center or within a school system as a principal or administrator. The scope of work would shift away from working with children to working with mostly parents and teachers. Depending on the position, an advanced degree may be required.

Early Childhood Education Professor

Those who enjoy early childhood education but would rather share their knowledge on the topic with others may want to consider becoming an early childhood education professor. This position typically requires advanced study, such as a master’s degree, PhD, or EdD.

Early Intervention Specialist

Early intervention specialists work with young children who have mild, moderate, or severe physical or developmental disabilities. The specialist will prepare a developmentally appropriate program and work with each child to help the child reach his or her maximum potential.

Social Worker/Parent Educator

Those who want to put their early childhood education knowledge to use helping troubled children and families may want to consider becoming a social worker or parent educator. This career could take place in a school or working for a government agency, such as the Department of Social Services or Department of Children & Families.

Children’s Librarian

Libraries frequently like to have children’s programming, such as story & activity times, and they like to have activities to introduce and welcome young children to the library. Those who have studied early childhood education are especially equipped to help plan, organize, and run such children’s programming.

Child Advocate

During legal proceedings involving a child (possibly related to abuse or neglect), a Child Advocate is assigned to learn about the child’s problems and needs, speak on the behalf of the child, and work to make sure the child’s needs are met. The child advocate interacts with the child, as well as social workers, members of the court, and members of the child’s family. Typically those who work as child advocates have a background working in childcare and may have completed coursework in early childhood education.

Curriculum/Policy Specialist

For those who are really interested in studying and applying the best techniques for teaching children may choose to become involved in setting early childhood education curriculums or policies. Typically this would require an advanced degree as well as prior experience teaching children.

Children’s Author

Those who love teaching children and have a creative streak may want to consider writing or illustrating children’s books. Experience working with children and understanding how they think and learn would increase the effectiveness of an aspiring children’s author.

Children’s Programming for Video & Television

There are a number of television shows and movies for children that have educational themes, and those with a background in early childhood education could assist in this programming.

Children’s Game Designer

Whether it’s board games, computer games, or smart phone apps, the market for educational children’s games is strong. There is plenty of opportunity for developing educational children’s games.

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