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To be able to pay the income to the university, Jay accepts to be a babysitter for eight months of three children. However, Jay believes that it is very easy to take care of three children whom he classifies as "adorable", and everything ends up being a chaos that he never expected.

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Okay, okay.

First, I will begin to present myself formally. Actually, present this that I am going to tell.

Many years ago, I was the babysitter of three adorable —but terrible— children in a small town called Lechter. Everything was going well, and I needed the money for my university.

However, taking care of those children, brought me great problems that I had to solve before his family knew the truth.

I was at risk, climbing rubber mountains and playing detective to get to decipher the mysteries of my problem. However, living adventures with these three children, was to return to childhood so beloved that someday had lived.

Honestly, being a babysitter was not easy at all.

Not to mention changing diapers, holding belches, and low blows from a little pigtailed samurai; They would end up being the best thing that could have happened to me.

But ... not everything ends there, friend.

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