Emily Erin

A young boy named Lane has his life rewritten due to mistakes that have him Moving across state. He was talked into it but knew it was better for him if he was going to have a better life. A twist of events cause him to realize that there is nothing more beautiful then life.

Drama Not for children under 13.

#forgiveness #love #young #scared #alone
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As I lay in bed trembling and quivering, I hope to find peace as I fall asleep. The warmth of the room is uneasing and causes me to grow irritable as each minute passes. As I begin to drift off into oblivion, everything around me goes dark. I begin to realize that I am dreaming when I am laying under the stars with my dog Hash. I then fill a rush of cold air that lifts every folucule of hair up on my body. Hash starts to run and I am fast to run after him. He sees her... and that is when I am suddenly awoken. “Its time to get up!!“ says my mom, outside of the door. “You can’t miss everyday of school. You eventually have to get over it.” My bed is drenched in sweat, something that has become usual for me. It takes everything out of me to get up but I do. I head Towards the bathroom and stare at the mirror. When looking at myself, I often wonder what I’ve become. The choices I’ve made have gotten me further from what Ive ever wanted. The shower feels warm and relieving. I raise my head up and let the water run every direction down my face. Before I know it, I’m in the car driving. You may be wondering where to? However, I just don’t know anymore. I thought I’d listen and go to school but nothing I’ve ever done was beneficial anyway. Freshmen year of college was suppose to be the most memorable time of my life, that was until my mistakes caused me to move to another state. I miss it there but I know now that I can never go back. Each and every night, I am haunted by who I have become. I might as well introduce myself, since this is going to be a long adventure ahead. Hello, I’m Lane.

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