Tara Warburton

Scarlet is a young princess who aspires to be a great warrior and leader for her kingdom, just like her mother was, but after her mothers passing her father forbids her. Her guard Elliot and best friend Violet go on a journey to make her a strong warrior and fight a war which it yet to come.

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Chapter 1: Princesses cannot be warriors

"Scarlet. For the last time, A princess cannot be a warrior! Especially someone who if heir to the throne and my only spouse." My father says strictly. "But father! What about cousin Rosana? She is heir to the throne and is training to be a warrior! So why can't I?" I say agrumentally. "Scarlet just stop. You are not being a warrior. I am not saying it again." Father says angrily. I sigh and storm up to my room, slamming the door I jump onto my bed. Sitting up I grab a little pillow animal. I stare at it then throw it at the wall in anger. I flop back onto my bed and pull the covers over my head. Eventually, I drift off into a deep sleep

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