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Minds- hearts

My heart wants to hold on to that person but my mind says I think your better without him or her. It's hard to let people go. Even when they mean so much to you you have to let go.
Not everything is going the way you want.

But stay strong to deal with it not matter what it is.
The people who smile everyday have the most pain in them.
When something bad happens just let it go and move on.
It's hard to let go or to move on but have you heard that you have to let go to move forward?

Jesus also goes forward.
Sometimes i am thinking of the people who i thought really loved me or i thought that we would be friends for a long time. But thats not always the case.
Letting people you love go is hard.
But you have to...

Friends go and friends come.
For everything is a reason. There are reasons why friends go and new friends will come. I don't know why but it is what it is. Some friends will stay and some will go.
I expert myself that you can be someone's friend for al long time . But in a second everything can change.. That's the painfull part of friendships to let go of the ones you Love.
I have learned to not trust everyone who my friend . When your trust is broken its hard to make it heal again or to trust someone again...

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