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Perla and Reed know that their parents are hiding something important from them, including their older brother. Ever since the day the news about Greyson Storm came out they acted weird. The truth comes out but not the way everyone expects. Their path has many speed bumps but in it, they both find love, mysteries, and comfort. Come join both of the twin's stories to see what secrets they unleash.

Romance Young Adult Romance Not for children under 13.

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Greyson Storm

Perla's POV

🎶 All my life, I ran away from your love because I was scared that you leave me in the end, but now I see that we were just meant to be. Turns out you captured my heart before I even knew.🎶

"Why you stop? You were doing so good!" Reed said.

"That's all I have" I honestly answered Reed, my twin brother.

"Well, it's a good thing that you have to the end of January to finish," Reed says.

"Do you think they will like it?" I asked. By 'they' I mean my fans. They liked my last song but will they like this one?

"Perla," Reed said, "they will love it! Those three sentences make me want to kill you for having the singing gene in your blood."

I rolled me and glared at him.

"Reed, you can sing too," I said.

"But not as good as you! They admire you more than me!" he said.

"Well, whose fault is it then?" I asked him.



"Mine," he says.

"That's more like it," I said.

Reed and I are in my music room because last week I was dared to do a song that I will have to sing at a concert on February 1. I was just going to sing my last song but Liam had to dare me into doing this one. So far I just have three sentences. That's it! I had all week to at least finish twenty sentences of the song but I was to busy on just being busy.

"Seeing as we are on August than you have more than enough time to finish the song on time," he said.

"Can't wait!" I sarcastically said.

"Did Simon call?" Reed asked.

"No, because last time he called me I screamed at him and said if he calls me again then I will find him and murder him," I said smiling my evil grin. Simon is, let us just say, the f**ker who left my best friend. He ended it with a text.

"Perla! He is our only source into finding her!" Reed yelled.

"Well, it's not my fault Simon did that to Charlene and I don't want to find this killer. Hell no! I don't want to die young!" I said to him.

"She is not a killer! Even if she was you can always protect yourself" Reed said.

"Well that's what they said about Steve and look at him now! In jail with murder charges" I said.

"That was in a movie" Reed sighed.

"Shutup! I'm trying to prove myself here" I glared at him.

"Everyone assumes that you are 'so friendly, so gorgeous, and so kind'" he said what a fan would say.

"That's because I am," I said.

"But you are a heartless bitch" Reed smiled.

"Haha! You're so funny!" I glared at him. How is he my twin brother? I'm so positive he is adopted.

My phone rings and I see the caller ID and I answer.

"You're alive!" I yelled at the phone.

"Of course I am. Why wouldn't I be?"

"You haven't called me in six days so I thought you were exterminated by your wife" I answered to my older brother, Jose Lopez.

"I don't have a wife," he says.

"Than why don't you marry your girlfriend?" I asked him.

"I don't have a girlfriend"

"Your life is so sad. You're like 22 and still alone" I said.

"Shutup! The reason I called is that I heard from a little birdie that you were dared to do a new song again" he said.

"Is the bird Liam?" I asked.

"Noooooo," he says.

"I'm planning his murder now," I said. Don't care if Liam is my best friend but his life is ending a young one.

"Don't kill him. I don't want to lose the bet!"

"Bet? What bet?" I asked. I'm totally curious now about this bet.

"Bet? Did I say bet? you hear that? I think that's Ray calling me! Bye!" he hangs up.

I look at Reed, who is about to get out the door.

"Reed!" I yell.

He starts running. That will only mean he knows the bet Jose was speaking about. Hell no! I get up and chase after him. It's a good thing that I'm a faster runner than him. I catch up with him in like half a minute because there are so many halls in my parent's mansion.

"I promise I don't know about the bet!" he yells.

"Than why are you running?" I asked him.

"I...I don't know" he says.

"Why you so stupid?" I ask walking away from him to go back to my music room.

"Hey! I'm not stupid! I'm telling mom on you!" he yells. Such a tattletale.

"Go ahead! I don't care! She won't listen to you anyways!" I yell back.

"I'll even tell her that you broke her favorite vase last week!"

"If you tell her then I will murder you!" I said stopping from my tracks


"Than come and catch me!" he starts to run downstairs and probably to the living room where my mom and dad spend their time in when they are not working.

I chase after him and I was about to get him when he made it into the living room.

I go inside only to see that mom and dad aren't even paying attention to us but watching the news. I have a hunch about what it is.

"The police were so close to catching Greyson Storm but they were unable to do so. No one knows where Greyson will strike next but hopefully he will be caught next time" the news lady said. I knew it!

My parent's attention was to the news of Greyson Storm. It happens every time he is on the news. Reed and I don't know why but we know Jose knows. We asked our parents why they always watch the news of Greyson but they never answer because they're too busy watching the news of him. Which is basically every day. Greyson Storm is a dangerous guy. Robbed over twenty banks, killed over many people, and is a drug dealer, some even say that if you go visit him you will never return. No one even knows how he looks like which makes it impossible to find him. Trust me when I say impossible.

I reach for the remote and turn the TV off.

"Perla! Give me the remote!" mom calmly says.

"No mom. Not until you explain to me why you guys are watching about him. It's like Reed and I don't exist when he is on the news" I say.

"Is it a crime to watch the news?"

"No, but you always watch it when Greyson Storm is on it"

"Look just give me the remote" mom said.

"Mom, you have a meeting with your friends in ten minutes. Dad, you have an important meeting in fifteen minutes with Henry Silverton" I say.

They both get up and start walking their bedroom to quickly get ready.

"Their hiding something," Reed says.

"I know. I asked Jose last week but he hung up on me" I said to Reed. I sit down on the couch.

"I so badly wanted to ask Robert but I was scared," Reed says. Robert is our grandpa from dad's side.

"Scared that grandpa will eat you" I sweetly said.

"No... Last time I asked a question he made me go to this party and when I went there was nothing but girls"

"Well isn't that heaven for you guys?" I asked.

"Yes, but these girls are evil and made of plastic," Reed said.

"You could have just left, you know," I said.

"Believe me when I say I tried. I had to stay there for an hour of torture" he says.

"Last time I asked Robert something he just answered me and left," I said.

"Well that's because you are the favorite for some reason," Reed says.

"Yeah, I don't think so. I will rather be nothing to Robert" I say.

"Well, I gotta leave now. I have to go to a club to meet someone" he says walking away.

"Can I go?" I asked. It's been forever since I've been in one.

"Yeah, I need your help on this one" Reed said.

I get up and start walking to my room so I can see what to wear.

I feel like today isn't going to end well.

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