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Have you ever wonder why did people act the way they act? Life teaches you that everything happens for a reason, everybody acts with a purpose, explicitly or implicitly, that explains, their behaviors to face the situations.

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This is me now, seeing you with all the pain that I get through, 

while you were living an expensive and happy life, I was in the twilight

fighting with all that I had, trying not to losing my mind. 

And then it was night, almost midnight, 

when I already had my head full of words,

similar to a homemade dynamite.

They thought we were toys that we could be used to enjoy and

I still wonder if they felt joy, with all of the suffer all of us had, 

caused by the selfishness of men, so mean and sad. 

Sometimes  I wonder if they felt real love for each other, 

because destroying and killing the others for winning a couple of lands, 

I guess that was better than belong to a band. 

Sometimes I wonder if they thought they won, 

maybe life is like a game play that all of us already have all the lives lost. 

Sometimes I wonder if there was enough things on this earth, 

it seemed to me some people having  more than they need, pretty sure they were to rebirth.


Sometimes I wonder if money can really make you happy, 

seeing people dying for it, I could think that it might be worth it. 

Sometimes I wonder if those people were actually robots, 

It's kinda logical and normal to think about it, 

when you watch them hurting us and not feel any guilty inside their bodies. 

Maybe I won't have an answer for every question I asked to myself,

 while I was there seeing how my world was fading away. 

Maybe looking back is all that we need to fight for a better place, 

 being the last person having moments of wonder, that would be so selfish but great. 

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