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What happens when dreams and reality are intertwined? Becky & Nick are about to find it out.

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A fair(y) tale dream

"Can you read my mind?" the young girl asked.

"I'm a fortune teller, not a mind reader", the mysterious woman replied. 

"Why are you here after all?" she added.

"I've dreamed about you last night, about this fairground."

"I know you've come to ask me about him, I can see it in your eyes."

Becky freaked out, how on earth was it possible she could guess that ?

"It has been in your mind for a long time"; she continued.

"It's time to let him go."

"You know I've tried, but it's too hard for me; I keep dreaming about him every single night. His eyes have haunted me, it's like a spell I can't ride off."

"You're living between two different worlds right now, and it could be dangerous if the timelines collapsed. You must be careful."

The alarm clock woke her up. It was eight o' clock in the morning, and she was in a bad mood.

Neither the cold shower nor the strong Colombian coffee would have the expected impact on her that cloudy day.

It was only another Friday, in a boring job, without a prospect of going any better.

Timelines collapsed, she remembered; but what was that supposed to mean?

She decided she would research on the internet during her midday break for lunchtime. The first thing she could find out was about the quantum realm; where the illusion of linear time fades off and every random course of action coexist altogether.

This can't be true, she kept saying for herself. 

Her analytical and skeptical mind would not allow her to believe that kind of crazy theories.

The afternoon passed by slowly without any surprises to distract her from the obsessed and unpleasant thoughts.

On the way home, she stopped by the town chapel. Something there made her heartbeats go faster than usual. She couldn't find out what exactly it was. She walked in, leaving her footsteps made echoes on the surrounding silence. 

That was the only moment of the week she felt at peace in her soul, surrendering to the pleasant loneliness. 

When she arrived, she cooked a delicious meal and opened a bottle of white wine. It was her favorite.

Then she turned on the T.V. but there was nothing that could possibly make her forget about him.

 Fate is going to place you where you are supposed to be, a voice resounded inside of her.

She thought she was going nuts, turned the lights off and went to bed.

The peaceful night seemed to be unbearable. She was really tired but remained awake. She just knew what it would happen if she fell asleep, she was getting used to it.

She closed her eyes and the woman's voice suddenly whispered:

"You keep coming back over and over again, but I can't help you anymore. I've shown you the way, there's nothing left for me to teach you."

"Please, don't leave alone." Becky cried out. "You are the only one I can rely on, nobody would believe me. You must tell me how to find him."

"You already have all the answers within, you just need to ask the right questions. Your own wisdom will lead your path at the perfect time."

"What do you mean by the right questions?, I don't know anything at all." She was getting really anxious.

"You came to me a week ago because you were scared, but you are a different person now, your soul possesses the keys that open every door you've been shouting down."

"I can't understand you, these dreams don't make any sense to me."

"These are not just dreams, you're exploring another dimension of yourself, one where the physical laws don't apply."

"What did you say?" Becky asked opening her big green eyes.

"I'm talking about your willpower, the one that allows you to experience everything you've ever wished in your entire life."

A soft wind began blowing, and she felt her head spinning around, leaving her almost unconscious.

A tarot deck fell down and all the cards spread around the floor. 

Only one remained on the table. The woman turned it up and said:

"I see, the wheel of fortune. The events are changing their motion direction."

"Please, could you explain to me what you are trying to say?" Becky inquired.

"I'm talking about kismet; the unseen forces and synchronicities. There's nothing else you can do about it. You need to have patience. He will find his way back to you. Destiny will bring you together for good. You just have faith that things will fall into place by themselves; like a puzzle." 

"It's really simple you know", the woman said. 

"When you believing with your heart and your mind that something has already happened; it will be reflected back to your outer reality; like a magic trick indeed."

"Nick, wake up! You've been sleeping all afternoon. That was a really long nap."

"What time is it, mom? I've have had the most bizarre dream."

"It's seven fifteen, please would you get up? I want you to come with me to the fairground. I've heard there's a great tarot reader today, but I don't want to go by myself. It's kind of scary."

"No way, you know I don't believe on fortune tellers, you're going to waste your time and your money as well!"

"Please, come with me, please."

"Ok, I'll be down in ten minutes." Nick began dressing up.

They came outside the house. The full moon and the stars above lighted up the street darkness. 

From far away, the wheel of fortune caught up Nick's attention.

How strange, a déjà vu, he thought.

A couple of minutes later, it was their turn to meet her. 

As they came in, a soft voice politely asked Nick's mother to wait outside.

Now they were face to face, and time seemed to have suddenly stopped. 

She walked towards him and looking deep down into his eyes, said:

"Hello Nicholas, my name is Rebecca. It's nice to meet you in person. I've been waiting for you all along."

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The End

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Camila Velez Camila Velez
Ahhhh, me ha encantado! ¿Hablas español, cierto? Estos cortos me ayudan a expandir el vocabulario del inglés, que yo estudio. Muy bueno, me gustó la forma sencilla y fluida en la que de desarrolló todo. Saludos! ;)
February 21, 2021, 00:56

  • María Laura González María Laura González
    Hola Camila, cómo estás! Mucho gusto, gracias por tu comentario me alegro que te haya gustado. Si hablo español soy de Argentina. Saludos!!! February 21, 2021, 14:11
Jenny Couvillier Jenny Couvillier
I really liked it. Thank you.
July 29, 2019, 23:43
February 19, 2019, 21:20