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Wings of Betrayal Follow story

cjhope Carmen Hope

Gabi didn't want to become a angel. She didn't want fluffy feathers sprouting her back. In fact, she didn't even want to be a mystic being of goodness. When it was her turn to become a mystic being, instead of becoming a witch or perhaps a kelpie, she became a angel. Darn it. When she discovers a program of rebel angels, fairies, and unicorns, she is eager to join. But it isn't just cool, evil creatures the program turned the rebels into. They turned them into MONSTERS. Soon, Gabi must put aside her suposidly peaceful ways and get ready for a war between the uprising rebels and the good creatures of the world. But Gabi doesn't know who she is betraying: the rebels or the creatures who did nothing wrong against her...

Fantasy Epic All public.

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+ In the world of The Overworld, when you turn 16, you get a mystic creature to be. I myself always wanted a kelpie or a witch or maybe even a enchantress. But the Enchantresses who chose what you will be had other plans. BIG other plans. I had no idea what I was getting into when I walked upon the pedestal were I would be turned into a creature. I had grinned widly at the group of Enchantresses. They whispered among themselves. I hoped I hadn't done anything worong, so I kept the smile on my face.

"We have decided."The head Enchantress said. I almost jumped at the volume of her voice. "You, Gabi Richerdson, are going to turn into a angel at the break of dawn."

Tears came to my eyes. "But wouldn't my hair look good on a kelpie? Wouldn't my tears be perfect for a witch potion? Wouldn't my OPINION be good for a enchantress?" I asked. I knew there was some mistake. What the heck would being a angel help me for? Making my back warm with the wings? The group of angels watching nearby cheered, but I felt the exact opisite. I was so angry. I ran. I ran to my little cottage. I flopped on my bed and stayed there for a couple of hours. Then I felt a strange feeling.

The development had begun.

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