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Aden is cute one he love everyone and think everyone good like him Alvin is dangerous one he don't anyone accept his family So what happen when they both meet with each other

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Alvin POV

Life is boring and their are so many fake peoples I Dont trust them accepted few my friends from my facility oh sorry I didn't tell you guys I am from engineering facility I am in 3rd year and head hazar

I never date anyone because I wait from someone special someone pure and innocent so I can protect that person boy or girl doesn't matter because I am bisexual my best friend lam always say that in today's time their will be no one like that but I know he is wrong

Finally holiday is over we all are back to the facility as a head hazar I am having a duty to tell fresher's what is SOLTUS and today is a first day of orientation program


"Fuck who the fuc...............WOW


Life is awesome because everyone is so nice well I tell u guys that everyone is love Aden(that's my name)

And Aden loves icecream, his big teddybear and Mae and papa

And they also love Aden very much and say that Aden is their little princess but no Aden is a big boy so Aden tell Mae papa that he want to study engineering but they didn't listen(pout)so Aden gave them his puppy eyes and also Aden complain them to grandma (Aden is a bad boy Aden know but Aden wants to make them proud to Aden)when she scold them they give Aden permission but Aden have to go with p'posh (pout) but Aden is happy

After Aden clear all his entrance Aden ready to go college but Aden can't live with Mae and papa because college is really very far but Afen tell Mae that he is a big boy and takecare of him self but Aden cry a lot he love his MAE PAPA

Today is Aden first day in college and Aden is really excited

" Adenbear Dont run "p'posh say

" na P Aden is really happy yeeee


"Fuck who the fuc...............WOW

" aowww"

"Shit Aden are you OK ,p'Alvin I am sorry he doesn't see where he is going" p'posh say to big man

"Aden say sorry to P "

"Aden is sorry P,Aden doesn't see where he is going please do not angry with Aden ,Aden is see next time" Aden eyes become teary he doesn't want anyone get hurt because of him.The bigman doesn't say anything but he continuously stare Aden

"p'Alvin" p'posh say


"P sorry he doesn't see that where he is going so...

" Aden"big man say to me


And then he smile a very soft smile

"It's OK nong but next time see where you are going OK,I Dont want anything happen to you"

I giggle "OK p Aden will"

"Did you eat your lunch" he ask again

"No Aden doesn't " and I pout

"Awwww you cute ,go and take something for eat OK I wanna talk to your p'posh" he say and pinch my cheeks

"OK p" I blush

"P 'posh can I go" Mae say whatever Aden do Aden always ask to p'posh and and Aden is a good boy

But why p'posh see to that p for a big eyes hehehe he look funny


" hmm yes go Adenbear"

"OK" I kiss his cheeks and go something to eat

Alvin POV

Wow how is someone beautiful like that milky skin,read lip,pointed nose ,adorable smile

I can't describe a beauty which is front of me Aden he is so adorable his eyes become teary because he think he hurts me and when I say it's okk hi giggle


I have to talk to the posh about him(posh is a 2 year engineering student) when he go to take something eat he kiss poss Cheek's

And my blood boiled he is posh boyfriend but as I know wai is posh crush so WHY MY ADEN KISS HIM

What the fuck ALVIN he is not your not now do not act possessive


"Yes p"

"Who is he your boyfriend" I ask to him in my usual tone

"Oh no p he is like my younger brother he live near my house his name is Aden"



"Yes p"

"Takecare of him he is to good for this campus " I say in serious tone

"I know p"

"Okk see u"

Posh wai me and I go back to my usual table he is just WOW

"We are going to meet in orientation my CUTEEAD

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To be continued... New chapter Every Monday.

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